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Preventing ADHD, Rather Than Medicating It

by Page Remick

© Page Remick – All Rights reserved


Considering the increasing diagnoses of ADHD as well as the incidences of heart attacks, stroke and even death with ADHD medications (25 deaths in the US), parents should consider preventing ADHD, rather than giving their children medications for it. At latest report, 3,100 people/children are sent to the Emergency Room per year with ADHD drug reactions and problems.

Before you dismiss diet change as being too simple, consider that the average person puts on 125 chemicals before leaving the house in the morning, and each one of us has 700 chemicals in us that are in our tissues and organs forever! If you don’t believe chemicals surround us, read 20 labels in your house. Every processed food, pesticide and herbicide that we consume or apply gets into our blood stream and affects our brains. Chemical overload is something that each one of us is exposed to everyday in our foods, our body products and house cleaners.

Some people are more sensitive than others, and it is those babies, children, teens and even adults, who may manifest their sensitivity by not being able to sit still, pay attention, remain calm or have appropriate behaviors.

Granted, while you may feel more mainstream going to a doctor, getting a diagnosis and having medication prescribed for your child, like millions of other children, why not try a test first? Why not remove as many chemicals from your child’s diet and body products, before adding some very strong chemicals to their systems for years and years and years?

What should you remove? Food colorings, high fructose corn syrup (found in soft drinks and many foods), and processed foods. Try a ‘natural’ diet for a month, and see if there isn’t a difference: fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, simply prepared meats. Just make sure that the produce is organic so that there are minimal pesticides, and that the meats are free-range and grass fed. Use coconut oil to cook with rather than vegetable oils and throw out the margarine and condiments that have additives.

Kids are great at sneaking or finding the ‘forbidden’ foods, so before you make a judgment that the clean diet is not working, be sure that your child doesn’t have a stash of sodas under their bed, a box of cookies in their closet and gum in their back pocket.

Elimination of chemicals, rather than the daily addition of dangerous ones, should be your first step. ADHD can be prevented. Prevention is better than cure any day!

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