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Healing Balms

Healing BalmsFor those rough elbows that don't seem to respond to any lotion, for lips that crack no matter what the weather, for any of those spots that need deep extra moisturizing, we suggest you look at these great healing balms!

These are great products that contain organic and natural ingredients that help to form a protective barrier against the elements. For soft, nourished skin and lips, have a browse through these great items!

Latest Products
Damask Rose Hand and Body Balm
Eden's Kiss Damask Rose Hand and Body Balm As rose oil is antiseptic, antiviral, astringent and bactericidal, this is the perfect essential oil to have in a clean, organic, nourishing and healing balm base. Read more...
Sacandaga Balm Squad Wendy The Herbalist Sacandaga Balm Squad Cracked elbows and feet, flakey skin, cuts, burns and sunburn…no matter what our team was suffering, we eliminated, healed and soothed it when we reached for this balm. Read more...
Mad Gabs Lip Lube

Mad Gabs Liplovers Lip Lube It soothed masculine lips as well as feminine and worked in salty, sunny humidity as well as dry and wintry-cold elevations. Read more...

Top Products

1. Kabana Skin Care Liplovers Lip Balm This balm gives you the feeling that it will last through a snowstorm, a snorkeling excursion and a high altitude climb. Read more...

2. Khushispa Healing Balm An application of this type of ‘barrier’ provides your skin with ample protection from the harshest environment… whether it is blistering sun or blustery cold and ice. Read more...

3. Perfect Organics Citrus Orange Shea Butter Lip Balm A hint of fresh orange peel, a melted butter experience on your lips, this is your new lip balm. Read more...

4. Mad Gabs Moose Balm Hand and Body Balm This tin passed from hand to hand, pack to suitcase and glove compartment to the trunk of the car. No matter where it was found, it kept the contents intact without any leaks or drip. Read more...

5. E.A.R.T.H. Products Misery Loves Comfrey A non-messy stick that attacks and arrests burns, bites, bruises, cuts, rashes, scrapes and even acne. Read more...


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