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Healing Balm

Healing Balm

The Pure Zing test team has a wonderful healing balm for you to experience, crafted with pure ingredients including calendula, geranium and lavender.

So what’s the best test for a healing balm? Cuts, dry skin, elbows, heels any part of the body that requires some soothing? All true. This balm not only imparts moisture and heals, it also provides a kind of ‘barrier’, safeguarding skin from the elements. Although the fragrance is not medicinal, but geranium/lavender light: this formulation works!

We had an unsuspected incident occur at our office in Florida that helped clarify the healing qualities of this balm. A team member had family in town for a visit and decided to rent a pontoon boat and cruise one of the inter-coastal waterways. These floating adventures are unparalleled for viewing wildlife and natural habitat, free of the hassle of a car and city noise.

Suffice to say after being on the water for almost eight hours, all had serious sunburn and sought comfort. We did what we could to get them cooled off, then grabbed the new balm to protect the damaged skin which was already beginning to blister on one of the crew.

As the healing/peeling process advanced, they applied this comforting balm often, knowing it would heal, soothe and keep moisture in the skin while shutting out dryness. After usage everyone felt better knowing they had done all they could to nourish and help the healing process along.

An application of this type of ‘barrier’ healing balm provides your skin with ample protection from the harshest environment…whether it is blistering sun or blustery cold and ice.

The healing and protective ingredients are lanolin, shea oil, olive oil infused with calendula, sweet almond oil, vegetable glycerin, beeswax, vitamin e, essential oils of geranium and lavender, rosemary oil extract ( a natural preservative). All of this is golden in color, thick, no drippy and in a wide mouth 4-ounce plastic container that you can get all your fingers into if need be.

If your skin has been damaged, or if you want to protect it from the harshness of wind or cold, be sure to slick some of this yummy smelling balm on. You will see and feel this thicker balm remain on your skin as a visible barrier…and say, ‘Ahhhhhh!

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