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Body Your body works hard for you! Give it a little TLC and you'll find your body & mind restored, rejuvenated, revived!

These days there is an impressive array of natural handcrafted soaps and organic body care products on the market.

Whether your muscles are sore and would benefit from a good soak in the tub, or if your skin could do with some healing, PureZing can help you find a luxurious treatment!


Latest Products
Ancient Mineral Magnesium Oil LL’s Magnetic Clay, Inc. Ancient Mineral Magnesium Oil
Our forefathers used to get their daily requirement (500-750 mg. per day) through their food. Due to soil depletion, fast food and processed food, most people only get about 175 – 250 mg. of magnesium per day. Read more...
New Leaf Organics Energy Foaming Hand Soap
Smith and Vandiver New Leaf Organics Energy Foaming Hand Soap
Not only did this soap appear to prevent the spread of colds to others, we noticed that the essential oils also removed cooking odors from our hands. Read more...
Pine Soap with Wild Plant Enzyme
Live Pine Pine Soap with Wild Plant Enzyme Think about that: no surfactants, and a natural moisturizer! This is a gentle, pure and natural soap! Now, add in the pine and the enzymes and you have a soap that sucks up toxins and fights aging with antioxidants. Read more...
Aroma Crystal Gardeners Dream Cream Aroma Crystal Aroma Crystal Gardeners Dream Cream This great cream has received 15 National Awards of Excellence (and it deserves every single one of them in our estimation!) and is available in either a take it with you 3-ounce size, or a reach for it at home 6-ounce size. Read more...
Ylang Ylang Coconut Oil Soap
Nature’s Approved Ylang Ylang Coconut Oil Soap This coconut oil soap is not RBD (refined, bleached and deodorized), but cold pressed so that all the nourishing properties that coconut oils are famous for, are available to your skin. Read more...

Top Products

1.Kabana Skin Care Sugar, Baby!
The consistency of the scrub is almost like applesauce: plenty of oil mixed with a fine grained sugar that will not scratch your skin. Read more...

2. Perfect Organics Citrus Orange Shea Butter Lip Balm A hint of fresh orange peel, a melted butter experience on your lips, this is your new lip balm. Read more...

3. Kabana Skin Care Liplovers Lip Balm This balm gives you the feeling that it will last through a snowstorm, a snorkeling excursion and a high altitude climb. Read more...

4. E.A.R.T.H. Products Misery Loves Comfrey A non-messy stick that attacks and arrests burns, bites, bruises, cuts, rashes, scrapes and even acne. Read more...

5.Eclipse Spa Grapeseed Massage Oil If your skin has been dried from the sun or lack of care, this corked bottle will reveal a moisturizing, skin healing and soothing elixir that is absolutely a delight to use! Read more...

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