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Soaps, Gels, Oils & Bubbles

New Leaf Organics Energy Foaming Hand Soap  

Smith and Vandiver New Leaf Organics Energy Foaming Hand Soap
Not only did this soap appear to prevent the spread of colds to others, we noticed that the essential oils also removed cooking odors from our hands. Read more...

Pine Soap with Wild Plant Enzyme  

Live Pine Pine Soap with Wild Plant Enzyme
Think about that: no surfactants, and a natural moisturizer! This is a gentle, pure and natural soap! Now, add in the pine and the enzymes and you have a soap that sucks up toxins and fights aging with antioxidants. Read more...

Ylang Ylang Coconut Oil Soap  

Nature’s Approved Ylang Ylang Coconut Oil Soap
This coconut oil soap is not RBD (refined, bleached and deodorized), but cold pressed so that all the nourishing properties that coconut oils are famous for, are available to your skin. Read more...

Organic Sugar, Soy and Tea Bubble Bath  

Eclipse Spa Organic Sugar, Soy and Tea Bubble Bath
We’re impressed as this bubble bath does not contain irritating SLS: the bubble maker in most bubble baths. Read more...

Organic Shower Gel  

Eclipse Spa Organic Shower Gel
There is no discernible residue left on your skin - just a fresh and light fragrance left behind that smells wonderful but does not compete with other personal fragrances. Read more...

Grapeseed Massage Oil  

Eclipse Spa Grapeseed Massage Oil
If your skin has been dried from the sun or lack of care, this corked bottle will reveal a moisturizing, skin healing and soothing elixir that is absolutely a delight to use! Read more...

Eucalyptus Sandalwood Soap  

Eclipse Spa Eucalyptus Sandalwood Soap
The fragrance is rich, the lather is slick and creamy, and the feel is crisp and interesting with flecks of texture. Read more...

UV Protection Shower Gel and Shampoo  

Kabana Skin Care UV Protection Shower Gel and Shampoo
This is a fragrant, rich, gentle but effective liquid shower soap, which super cleans your hair while it leaves a UV protectant on your skin and scalp. Read more...

Massage Bar Shea Butter Luffa Soaps  

Khushispa Massage Bar Shea Butter Luffa Soaps 
What is luffa soap? It is a soap that you can massage and scrub with in the bath or shower. Ground up luffa is mixed into saponified oils of olive, coconut, palm and shea butter… Read more...

Balancing Shower Gel  

Khushispa Balancing Shower Gel 
Men and women alike admitted to singing and humming as they washed faces and bodies with abandon! Read more...


Sensibility Soaps Wild Lettuce and Parsley Soap 
Enjoy the scent and the simple and gentle ingredients of a vegetable oil blend, wild lettuce, parsley and just a hint of essential oil of peppermint. Read more...


Sensibility Soaps Organic Strawberry Coconut Body Wash 
This is the real deal: the strawberry fragrance comes from real, organic strawberries and the subtle coconut fragrance is from organic coconut oil. Read more...


Sensibility Soaps Organic Chai Vanilla Body Wash 
No itching, no soapy residue, no tight dryness afterwards; this organic soap is perfect for sensitive skins large to small. Read more...


Sensibility Soaps Mud Soap 
Dense and no-nonsense, this is a spa-type soap that is filled with Dead Sea mud, glacial marine mud, vegetable oils and a blend of essential oils. Read more...


Sensibility Soaps Iced Mint and Vanilla Watercress Hand Sanitizer 
An all natural hand sanitizer that is safe, yet effective! Read more...


Essential Earth Soap Green Tea Mint Soap 
The color is a pale green from the soft, rich clay, and the generous flecks are real spearmint leaves! What a joy to use, and the pleasure lingers and lingers as this fresh, clean and complex fragrance remains on your hands for quite a while. Read more...


Essential Earth Soap Rose Bud Soap 
The color is a pale pink from the French pink clay: no synthetic coloring. The aroma is real essence of roses, not the sweet sickly synthetic ‘cosmetic grade perfume’ variety. The lather is from the saponified olive oil and it is thick and rich: without SLS. Read more...


Perfect Organics 3 in 1 Ultimate Body Wash 
100% natural, this concentrated liquid soap is a body wash, a bath soak, hand soap and a shaving soap, even a shampoo! Read more...


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