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Eucalyptus Sandalwood Soap

Eucalyptus Sandalwood Soap
Eclipse Spa

They say this soap is for men, but if you are a woman, you’ll also want to grab this soap and lather up! The fragrance is rich, the lather is slick and creamy, and the feel is crisp and interesting with flecks of texture.

We got to try the Eucalyptus Sandalwood fragrance and both men and women loved its clean and earthy scent. Everyone also loved that it contained only good ingredients that are skin nourishing: saponified cold pressed olive, coconut, palm and castor oils, distilled water, essential oils, organic oats, bentonite clay, red sandalwood, sea salt and eucalyptus leaf. Sounds almost good enough to eat!

A friend of ours makes her own organic, essential oil fragranced boutique soaps. Of course, as soon as she spotted this soap she had to try it. ‘Sensuous’ was the first word….’creamy lather with a sexy fragrance’ was her next pronouncement. ‘Hmmm… I like the texture, the feel and size of the bar and even their packaging is good!’ In other words, this bar was also a hit with our very picky and discriminating soap friend!

Man or woman, this soap was reached for constantly, such that there is only the tiniest nub left for this review. Just enough to see the flecks of oatmeal that generously filled the entire bar, enough left to inhale the ‘sexy’ aroma plus remember the rich cinnamon and spice color of the bar.

Besides the ‘sensuous’ attributes, we also liked that it was cruelty free, vegan, biodegradable and that it was a chunky and satisfying 4-ounces. This bar is for your face as well as your body and is also available in Lemongrass Sage and Woody fragrances. Get this for the men in your life, but also be sure to get it for yourself! This is a luscious bar that even the most discerning soap maker was impressed with: that’s Pure Zing!

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