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Dead Sea Warehouse
Dead Sea Magic Mineral Salt Soap
Dead Sea Warehouse

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Is your skin dry and itchy? Do you have to slather on lotion…and even then you find yourself scratching and scratching? The owner of this company had that kind of skin. For over 50 year’s every time she washed, her super dry skin would itch…until she formulated this very unusual soap.

Made from olive oil, palm oil, coconut oil and Dead Sea salt filled with skin-enriching minerals, this soap has the incredible distinction of moisturizing your skin, rather than drying it out. Several of our team members have dry and sensitive skin, and they were happy to report that their skin did not feel tight, itchy or irritated in any way after bathing and showering with this soap.

This soap is so labor and time intensive to make that it is made in limited quantities of only 3,000 bars per year as only 15 bars can be made at one time. The bars average just a little over 6-ounces each, and are packed two to a gift box after curing a full six months or more.

Although our team members do not have the following skin irritations, here are what other users are finding this soap is so good for:

• Face and body blemishes and acne
• Diaper rash
• Bug bites
• Rashes
• Bumps
• Exzema

Every large bar is hand poured, hand trimmed, hand polished and hand packaged and is without fragrance or frou-frou. This soap, although it does not lather highly, washes thoroughly and rinses easily. Each bar is hefty, solid and condensed. This is not the type of bar that is greasy or oily feeling that ‘melts’ in a soap dish, and yet, your skin is healed and soothed by the salt, the minerals, and the natural oils.

We very much like this no-nonsense soap and have used it as suggested for face, body and even hair washing. Just like the other products in this line, this mineral rich soap is PURE Zing! If you have any type of skin problems, or know of someone who does, give this unique soap a try…it just might make your itchy problems disappear; right down the drain!


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