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Dead Sea Magic Mineral Mud Mask
Dead Sea Magic Mineral Mud Mask
Dead Sea Warehouse

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If any of you have read our reviews on sea salts, you will know how important minerals are to our bodies. Our bodies contain and require water and minerals and need to be replenished and cleansed by water and minerals. The salt, water and mud in this mask are from the Dead Sea: world famous for its high mineral content, purity, cleansing and detoxifying properties.

The ingredients in this mask are Dead Sea black mud sea silt, glycerin, elderberry flower extract, plantago major leaf extract, echinacea extract, rosehip seed extract, propolis extract, thyme extract, acacia extract, extra virgin olive oil, jojoba seed oil, Dead Sea mineral water, sesame seed oil, polysorbate oil from coconut oil, lecithin, tocopherol, ascorbyl palmitate and palm glycerides citrate. You can see that all ingredients are from natural sources, rather than any toxic chemicals!

The thick, moist mud is packaged in a wide mouth 13-ounce plastic jar and comes with a free application brush. Making sure that the brush is clean, stir the mud with the end opposite the bristles. Remove the mud from the end of the brush by wiping it on your chin or cheek…then dip the brush in the mud and apply to your face, neck and décolleté. Apply the mud evenly and allow it to dry (anywhere from 3-7 minutes depending on how thickly you applied it). Then, rinse off with either warm or cold water (for more stimulation).

The process is made neat by the brush, and we found that it was even neater by applying this mud before a shower: washing it all down the drain without any fuss or muss. The deep cleansing and detoxification of this mask is also fast. We have all used masks that say to leave them on for ½ hour or longer…and frankly, we can’t always find time to do that. Three or so minutes is long enough to get the job done and as it takes so little time, you will find, like we did, that you easily and effortlessly use it a few times a week: which is what you should do to see clear and soft skin!

While the rave reviews come in about how this clears up acne, rashes and blackheads, we found that it tingled and made our face smooth and glowing. It did NOT dry out any of our skin (male or female, sensitive skin or not) and we loved that if exfoliation was needed, it seemed to do the job: without rubbing! The mud is dark, dark brown, rinses off easily and has a somewhat neutral fragrance: certainly not floral or perfumed.

This mask can also be used all over your body, as well as your hair. Yes, we tried it on our hair and just like the testimonials say on this owner’s site, all our hair came out softer, smoother and shinier: detoxed of hair products, and enriched with minerals! Remember that minerals are in our bodies…and need replenishing, and this mud mask does just that whether it’s your hair or your scalp!

Our team found out that one woman actually took her Dead Sea Mud Mask to the ultra-chic Elizabeth Arden Red Door Salon and handed it to her aesthetician to use during her facial. Needless to say, the aesthetician loved it, was impressed with its ingredients and qualities and talked about it all during the facial.

This product is made on the Israeli side of the Dead Sea and imported by the owner. Only real Dead Sea salt, mud and sea water are used (unlike claims of some other products), and the results show it! With a 100% money back guarantee, an incredibly low price and outstanding results, we loved this product and are here to tell you it’s PURE Zing!

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