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White Algae Mask

White Algae Mask


If you have Rosacea or dry, sensitive skin, you know how leery you are about masks. While masks can purify, tone and tighten, too often they can dry or irritate already sensitive skin.

This mask has a refreshing difference. It is made for sensitive skin and does not contain clay. Instead, it is filled with ingredients that tighten, brighten and lift…but also soothe, calm and moisturize. Pretty amazing, huh?

Marine based, this product’s main ingredient is a white algae. It infuses the skin with vitamins, minerals, amino acids and even calcium. The other 100% natural ingredients are just as impressive: white lichen powder, copper, manganese and zinc peptides, glycerin, white wine extract, hyaluronic acid, kelp, wheat protein, aloe vera juice, grape seed oil, jojoba oil, sesame oil, amino acids, licorice root extract, raspberry fruit extract, oolong tea extract, rice bran extract, pear fruit extract, white tea extract, green tea extract, calendula extract, chamomile extract and vitamin A and D.

The creamy white mask is dispensed from a neat and tidy pump top. 1.7-ounces allow for at least half a dozen or more full-face applications. The product goes on smoothly and feels soothing. After several minutes, it becomes dry to the touch, but does not flake or crack. You can still move your face and smile at your Geisha-like appearance. This only needs to stay on ten minutes, but the creator says that it can even be worn overnight to brighten and even out your skin tone.

This mask rinses easily and the sensitive skins of our team were impressed that their faces were not irritated, dry or blotchy. As this product is pH balanced, no one needed a toner. Skin was even, smooth, and actually felt firmer and moist. Everyone was pleased with the feel of their skin and kept touching their faces, commenting that ‘it just feels better.’

The recommendation is to use this mask three to five times per week. Normally, that would terrify people with sensitive skin, but considering the great results, we’re all looking forward to another application. Now that’s PureZing for us sensitive types!


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