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Body Butter
Organic Vanilla Yogurt Body Butter
Sensibility Soaps

If you like vanilla, which most people do as it warmly appealing to both men and women, then this rich and thick body butter might become your favorite. This fragrance is not a sweet vanilla, but rather a spicy one, and with the addition of yogurt, the scent is light and fresh.

This 5-ounce jar contains a very dense formulation of moisturizing and soothing oils and healing and nourishing extracts. The owner supplies a small spoon so that you can curl off or scoop out an almost solid dollop of butter and let it soften in your hand.

When this butter melts, it is not an oily pool. Rather it is an emollient that not only soaks into your skin, but leaves a soft sheen of a protective coating behind. Along with the other ingredients, your thirsty or irritated skin will feel remarkably soothed and soft. The ingredients are organic shea butter, organic cocoa butter, organic beeswax, organic coconut oil, organic olive oil, organic vanilla extract, organic aloe vera, yogurt, oregano leaf extract, thyme extract, olive leaf extract, rosemary leaf extract, lavender flower extract, and golden seal root extract. Those are nourishing ingredients!

If your feet or hands are dry or itchy, this will give them relief. If your lips are chapped from sun, wind or cold, this is a rich alternative to a wimpy lip balm. Elbows or knees rough? Try this deeply moisturizing butter. Keep this on a workbench, in a desk drawer, in the kitchen and tucked in a bedside drawer.

For super protection, healing and moisturizing, scoop out a large amount and melt it onto your warmed skin after soaking in a warm bath. Rub some extra on dry feet and tuck your tootsies into cotton socks. Then, jump into a warm bed and let the amaZing ingredients do their restorative work overnight. Your skin will thank you for it all year round. This is a great body butter that is a pleasure to use.

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