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Stir Wand

Stir Wand
American BlueGreen, LLC

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Conventional science is at a loss to explain how this Stir Wand works, but scientific studies prove that it does work! What does this ‘wand’ do? It enhances the structure and gravity of water so that it is more absorbable by your body’s cells.

I know, I know. Water is water… and you drink the right number of glasses per day. You’re not dehydrated…or are you? Independent studies showed that out of 35,000 subjects, even though each consumed the correct number of ounces of water per day: 94% were dehydrated. How can this happen?

Two Nobel Laureates discovered how cells function to hydrate the body, and most water does NOT enter the channels, gates and valves of cells…and so most of us, even though we drink lots of water ARE dehydrated. Simply stated, the water we are drinking does NOT get into our cells!

No matter what type of water you are drinking, (acid, alkaline, bottled, municipal, filtered, well, chlorinated, fluoridated or from a river or stream) our cells are thirsting for the water that they need to survive.

Now, as we said, scientists do not know how this wand works, but it DOES work! Place this wand in a glass of water, a barrel of water, a gallon or trough of water, and either stir the water or allow the wand to remain in the water for 20 seconds. The resulting water is ‘wetter’ and has more ‘gravity’. It is believed that the enhanced viscosity and gravity of the stirred water allow it to enter the cells.

What were the results of the testing? 50 subjects were monitored over a thirty day period. They were instructed on how to use the Stir Wand and to not consume any other water but ‘stirred water’ during the testing period. Each test person was to drink half their body weight in ounces of ‘stirred water’ per day. Oxygen levels, pH levels and hydration levels were noted.

More than 90% of the results came within the first 14 days. Hydration of cells had increased by 23.50%. Oxygen in the blood had increased by 9.60%. If you know about hydration of cells and oxygen content in the blood, these were remarkable results; capable of incredible health changes!

Imagine taking vitamins and minerals with ‘stirred water’. Now your expensive and valuable supplements can get all the way into the cells of your body! More oxygen in the blood means that inflammation is lessened and cancer cells don’t stand as much of a chance of living.

Hydration in general is responsible for:

  • Removing waste and toxins from the cells, kidneys, liver and tissues
  • Transporting oxygen, vitamins and minerals to the cells
  • Providing electrical energy for the functioning of your brain
  • Increasing the efficiency of the immune system
  • Aiding in weight loss
  • Enhancing joint strength and flexibility
  • Restoring normal sleep cycles
  • A more youthful appearance to the skin

…and so much more!

For two weeks now, every Pure Zing member has been ‘stirring’ every bit of water that they drink. We take all supplements with it, drink stirred water all day and stir our tea after the water has been boiled and has cooled slightly. What do we notice? We are drinking the same amount of water that we always have: half our body weight in ounces….and the odd reaction that we all have is that we visit the bathroom more! It’s as if there was MORE water. Of course that was not reported in the scientific testing, but it is the noted reaction of the Pure Zing team. Is the flow of water in and out of our cells now more copious? We, like the scientists, cannot explain quite how it works, but it works!

The wand itself is only six inches long. It is slender and light and will last a lifetime! It is composed of medical grade polycarbonate plastic. One end of the wand is hollow and contains a specific combination of granulated mineral stones. Just like Emoto’s ‘words imprinting water crystals’, the granulated mineral stones in the Stir Wand appear to imprint and make ‘wetter’ any water that it is placed into.

We like that the wand is incredibly easy to use. Keep it on your countertop and each glass of water that you fill becomes quickly more useful to your body. Put it in your purse or pocket when you eat out. Stir the restaurant water, and again, your body will receive 23.50% more hydration benefits. This wand would fit in a backback, a briefcase, suit pocket or lunch bag. Take it with you wherever you go, and know that with just a 20-second stir, you are more fully hydrating the cells of your body.

How long does ‘stirred water’ last? Tests show that it remains more than 99% stable for more than 48 hours in an open container. In a sealed container, the water remained ‘wetter’ for months at a time.

How can you use this stir wand?

  • Have you stored water in case of an emergency? Stir the water and it will be super beneficial when you need it most
  • Do you mix your babies cereal with water? Stir the water first
  • Take all supplements and necessary medications with stirred water
  • Stir slightly cooled tea or coffee to keep the hydration benefits going
  • Stir water in a pitcher and add tea bags or lemon juice and natural sweetener for lemonade or iced tea
  • Do you soak your nuts and seeds before eating them? We imagine that even they will absorb more water if the water they are soaked in is stirred
  • We know that pets get thirsty! Stir their water too.
  • Try stirring the water that you put on your plants and vegetable gardens. They have cells also!
  • Add a few drops of lavender oil to stirred water in a pump mister and spritz your home, linens, car and office. This water has more ‘energy’ and can make a space feel more refreshed
  • As our bodies absorb what we apply to them and what we soak in, we are going to start ‘stirring’ our bath water! It couldn’t hurt!

The possibilities are endless and the proven results are amaZing! This miraculous little stir wand really, really makes water wetter and more available to every cell of your body. It last a lifetime: that’s a LOT of benefits!

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