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Mocha Maca Java

Mocha Maca Java Mate


This tastes just like a rich, roasted coffee, and yet it has no coffee in it! This Java Mate is made from the smoked and aged Yerba Mate leaf and the Ramon nut, producing a flavor-rich caffeinated beverage without the acid of coffee.

Yerba Mate, a leaf from a tree grown under the South American tropical rainforest canopy, is full of antioxidants, and has 24 vitamins and minerals plus 15 amino acids. The Ramon nut, which sustained the Mayan civilization for centuries, gives the blend its coffee flavor. With just a hint of nut, cocoa and cinnamon in this Mocha Maca, you’ll feel like you’re drinking an expensive ‘coffee-house’ coffee without the price tag, the wait or the drive.

This really, really tastes like rich, roasted coffee! We just want to stress the very similar flavor so that you know that even though the base is a tealeaf, the flavor is robust and rich. This loose blend can be made in a coffee press or a coffee maker and if you add milk and a sweetener you have a Java Matte Latte!

Yerba Mate does have caffeine, but because of the nutritional qualities of the leaf, the caffeine does not produce jitters, but gives energy instead. Used for centuries as a vitality and longevity drink, Yerba Mate will make you feel good while it does good things for you. If you are trying to cut down on coffee because of the acid, but miss that rich coffee flavor, here is the perfect alternative for you! The 7-ounce bag says it: ‘Tastes like coffee – Feels like Mate!’ And wait until you taste the Thai Iced Mocha recipe that uses this blend!

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