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Healthy Juices, Protein Shakes & Natural Sodas

MacaForce – Vanilla Spice

HealthForce MacaForce – Vanilla Spice If you want to increase your energy, fertility, strength and nutrition, MacaForce Powder in this delicious Vanilla Spice flavor is the easy way to get it Read more...

Organic Hemp Shake

Nutiva Organic Hemp Shake Containing only 100 calories this protein and fiber packed Superfood is great as a meal replacement or a nutritious pick me up during the day. Read more...

AntiAging Whole Food Antioxidant Drink Mix  

Pomology AntiAging Whole Food Antioxidant Drink Mix
Three servings of fruits, vegetables and anti-aging supplements from just one scoop of power-packed powder. Powerful fruits, vegetables and supplements that work at the cellular level to fight the signs of aging! Read more...

Green SuperFood Drink Powder  

Amazing Grass Green SuperFood Drink Powder
Green is good and we all need much, much more of it. To our way of thinking, this is one of the most flavorful, nutritious and EASY ways to go green that we know of! Read more...

Chocolate Green SuperFood Drink Powder  

Amazing Grass Chocolate Green SuperFood Drink Powder
Everyone is amaZed at how great this tastes! If you love chocolate more than fruits and vegetables, then you have just found the PERFECT answer to better nutrition through chocolate! Read more...

Organic Wheat Grass Powder  

Amazing Grass Organic Wheat Grass Powder
The high alkalinity of this product helps to balance your body’s pH level due to the high levels of chlorophyll: 10 times the chlorophyll of tray grown wheat grass. Read more...

Organic Hemp Protein Powder  

Nutiva Organic Hemp Protein Powder
Not everyone likes the taste of hemp, but this hemp powder is so mild, and so smooth and so understated, that you can get all the benefits of hemp protein, without all the HEMP taste! Read more...

Original Flavor Hemp Bliss  

Manitoba Harvest Original Flavor Hemp Bliss
No GMO soy! No chemical sweeteners, lactose, nuts, gluten, preservatives or cholesterol: just high protein, high Omega 3’s and a rich, creamy texture and neutral flavor that will complement any food. Read more...

Vanilla Hemp Bliss  

Manitoba Harvest Vanilla Hemp Bliss
Notice that all the ingredients are certified organic. There are also no preservatives, no soy, no gluten, no cholesterol, no nuts, no dairy and hence no lactose! Read more...

Hemp Chocolate Bliss  

Manitoba Harvest Hemp Chocolate Bliss
This is the beverage for those that want the taste of chocolate milk (without the milk) with rich flavor and super health benefits that beat out all other non-milk beverages! Read more...

Hemp Bliss – Unsweetened Original Flavor  

Manitoba Harvest Hemp Bliss – Unsweetened Original Flavor
The light, nutty, unsweetened flavor is refreshing and is complimentary to meats, cheeses, fruits, grains and even chocolate! Read more...

100% Organic Hemp Protein Powder with Fiber  

Manitoba Harvest 100% Organic Hemp Protein Powder with Fiber
Fiber, protein (38%!) and Omega 6, 9 and 3 fatty acids are in this powder too! Now add in 18 amino acids, vitamin A and C as well as calcium and iron and you have a powerhouse of a protein drink! Read more...

Organic Tart Cherry Concentrate  

TPG Enterprises Organic Tart Cherry Concentrate
Packed with all the rich cherry pie flavor of their other cherry concentrate, this one is also filled with all the same super health benefits: just in organic form! Read more...

Blueberry Juice Concentrate  

TPG Enterprises Blueberry Juice Concentrate
One tablespoon of this concentrate is equal to one cup of fresh blueberries in flavor, as well as in health benefits. Now you can have that blueberry BURST of flavor in this almost sinful blueberry concentrate! Read more...

Glycemic MRP Instant Vanilla Shake  

Glycemic Level Glycemic MRP Instant Vanilla Shake
You can replace three meals a day with this rich-tasting product and healthfully manage your weight as well as your glucose levels. Most people use it for breakfast and between meal snacks…and on the run. Read more...

Glycemic Level MRP Instant Chocolate Shake  

Glycemic Level Glycemic Level MRP Instant Chocolate Shake
A healthy shake for when you don’t have time to fix breakfast, or if you are hungry between meals. Takes less than a minute, tastes like chocolate milk, has 72 trace minerals plus digestive enzymes and is made from all natural ingredients! Read more...


TPG Enterprises Tart Cherry Concentrate
Cherry juice has also been found to contain very high levels of Melatonin! Thank Mother Nature for making a lovely way to get more Melatonin (and sleep) into your system: the amaZing cherry! Read more...


Guayaki Yerba Mate Empower Mint Organic Energy Drink
A natural energy drink that is nutritious as well as thirst quenching. Read more...


Guayaki Raspberry Revolution Organic Energy Drink
A sophisticated flavor that grows on you until you can’t imagine drinking regular tea or sodas ever again. Read more...


Kava King Kava
The root of the Kava plant is filled with kavalactones which are a natural relaxant. Read more...


Kava King King’s Reserve
If you want a natural way to relax that has no side effects other than calm, King’s Reserve is the finest and strongest Kava available. Read more...


Kava King Natural Berry Kava
Better than a prescription pill, put this in a blender with ice and fruit and chill naturally! Read more...


Kava King Plain and Berry Flavor Aloe Vera Juice
As far as we’re concerned, this beats a dry vitamin and mineral pill any day. Read more...


Peppermint Breath Tonic
Halitosis... otherwise known as bad breath! I bet that has never happened to you!! NEVER!! And of course I have NEVER had breath! That is something that usually happens to everyone else, like diarrhea. But maybe you know someone who does have bad breath or who has bad breath. Read more...


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