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Raspberry Revolution Energy Drink

Raspberry Revolution Organic Energy Drink


The PureZing team is located in a hot and often humid state and keeping hydrated is usually a chore if you’re not crazy about drinking water all the time. Most beverages are too sweet, or they have chemicals in them, and iced tea gets boring after your 20th gallon’. Our team is not only impressed with this Organic Energy drink, we’re drinking it a lot! It keeps us charged, helped us all through a recent move that normally would have sapped our energy, and is amazingly refreshing.

The main ingredient is Yerba Mate, which is made from the leaves and stems of a tree from the South American rainforest. The Ache Guayaki tribe has used this drink for centuries. It is filled with nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants and is highly nutritious. Yerba Mate is consumed daily for health and alertness and helps to sustain energy.

A couple of very enterprising young men discovered this drink and took it one better: they made an organic energy drink from it. The amazing ingredients are an infusion of: filtered water, organic guayakí yerba mate, organic rose hips, organic hibiscus, organic evaporated cane juice, organic raspberry juice concentrate, organic cranberry juice concentrate, organic yerba mate extract, organic manioc root starch, organic raspberry natural flavor, organic cranberry natural flavor and citric acid.

The drink is clear with a lovely red color to it. It has a distinctive smoky flavor that is unusual but great, and just a hint of raspberry and cranberry. This is not a sweet, cloying drink, but a sophisticated flavor that grows on you until you can’t imagine drinking regular tea or sodas ever again. We like it best on ice…and plenty of it when we are thirsty, physically working hard, or just needing an afternoon pick me up. The caffeine content is comparable to a cup of coffee, and yet one of our caffeine sensitive team members does not feel any jitters from this. That is because the caffeine is balanced by all the nutritional benefits of this amazing drink.

This beverage is sold in 16-ounce bottles and come in a case of 12. Don’t be overwhelmed by that: be grateful, as you will find yourself reaching for a bottle again and again. Keep some in the refrigerator and pour it over ice. This is an amazing beverage that will quench your thirst, make you feel better, is actually good for you, and will perk you up.

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