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Fair Trade Coffees, Teas & Cocoas

Café Fair  

Café Fair Café Fair Organic Coffees
I've become aware of the benefits of shade grown coffee only in the last few years -- bottom-line, it's really nice to think that forests aren't being cut down, natural habitats aren't being destroyed to grow coffee. Read more...

Dairy Free & Sugar Free Organic Hot Chocolate  

Boulevards Dairy Free & Sugar Free Organic Hot Chocolate
Vegan and vegetarian this is as close as you are ever going to get to a full dairy, full sugar ultra hot chocolate experience…without the cow or sugar! Read more...

Organic Dark Hot Chocolate  

Boulevards Organic Dark Hot Chocolate
Warm, rich chocolate that soaks all the way to your bones, this is the chocolatey, intense, rich chocolate mix that you need to reach for. Read more...

Tzu Thé Tzu Green T-Bag  

Tzu Thé Tzu Green T-Bag
The tea is in a fine mesh bag that allows the tea to move and expand as it steeps: releasing more of the catechins into your cup. Read more...

Hot or Cold On the Go Brewing Cup  

Tzu Thé T-Buddy Hot or Cold On the Go Brewing Cup
Brilliant! Solid, attractive, and innovative, you are going to want this hot or cold, go anywhere, brew coffee or tea container! Read more...

T-Pods Green Tea  

Tzu Thé T-Pods Green Tea
Not only is the tea handled so that the antioxidant qualities are kept at their highest, but the container allows you to take this tea with you wherever you go! Read more...

Java Juice Swiss Water  

Java Juice Java Juice Swiss Water Decaf
If you love coffee, and if you LOVE Java Juice, but just can't deal with a caffeine hit, here's the perfect beverage for you! Read more...

Java Juice Extract  

Java Juice Organic Java Juice Extract
We’ve already warned you: you’ve never seen anything like it, and you’ll never want to be without it again! Read more...


Ugly Mug Coffee Saving Grace Organic, Fair Trade Coffee
Not only is the coffee great, but so is the treatment of the bean and the grower…Read more...


Ugly Mug Coffee Hardy Passion Organic, Fair Trade Coffee
The ending is barely sweet, and makes for a nice finish to a bold flavor. Read more...


Ugly Mug Coffee Good Vibes Organic, Fair Trade Coffee
While the body of the coffee is rich and full, the whole cup is a smooth and even experience ending with just a hint of caramel. Read more...


Guayaki Vanilla Nut Java Mate
Tastes like expensive, vanilla flavored coffee but without the acid that comes with a cup of Joe. Read more...


Guayaki Mocha Maca Java Mate
This tastes just like a rich, roasted coffee, and yet it has no coffee in it! Read more...


Guayaki Mate Chocolatte Tea Bags
This beverage can be enjoyed hot or cold and imparts a subtle energy and sense of well-being. Read more...


Guayaki Mate Chai Latte Concentrate
Throw away the guilt and rev your taste buds with this nutritious, spicy and Zingy concentrate! Read more...


Guayaki Chai Spice Mate Bulk Tea Bags
Now you can have the health benefits of Yerba Mate as well as the spicy flavor that you associate with Chai. Read more...


Kava King Cocoa Kava
You may want to relax with a drink of Kava at the end of a hard day, or calm yourself before an important presentation or meeting. Read more...


Kava King Espresso Extra
There is nothing illegal about this drink; it just may feel like it! Read more...


How many of you love coffee? I know I do. How many of you would like to cut down or give up caffeine? Without giving up in the taste or experience? I know I do. Read more...


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