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Organic Java Juice

Organic Java Juice Extract
Java Juice

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Java Juice Liquid Coffee Extract
The co-owner of Java Juice tells us what Java Juice is, how it is made and packaged so that you can take the very best coffee in the world with you anywhere!

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You have never seen anything like this, will never forget it, and will use it all the time! We know that is a tall statement, but the Pure Zing team feels that strongly about this amaZing product!

Created by a brilliant coffee roaster, this product has only two ingredients: triple filtered water and 100% organic Arabica beans. No one knows the how or the what of the process, but the end result is a liquid coffee concentrate that you can add to hot or cold water or milk.

This .5-ounce liquid concentrate is packaged in a handy, dandy packet that you can throw into a backpack, purse, glove compartment, canoe, briefcase, or boat. Whenever the urge for a smooth cup of coffee strikes, all you have to do is open the packet, and add water or milk. As the owners say: ‘Rip it, Drip it, Sip it! It’s that easy to get a smoooooth cup of coffee!

One of the Pure Zing team members doesn’t like coffee. Or let us put that another way: just a few days ago, he didn’t like coffee. Now, since all the rest of us have oohed and aaahed every time we take a sip, he ripped, dripped and sipped his own cup! Too bad…now we have to share with one more person!

The logo on each packet says it all: a hand squeezing a giant coffee bean, and drops coming out of it. Whether it is on the packet, on the front of the 10 packet craft tube, or on the front of the 20 packet coffee can, you will be reminded just what a brilliant idea liquid coffee concentrate is: fast, portable, versatile, inexpensive, easy and soooo smoooooth!

Each packet contains enough concentrate for 12-16-ounces of coffee, so fill a thermos, top off the silver coffee pot, put the enamel kettle on the campfire…and enjoy two, three or four cups of excellent organic coffee, whether you are forced to share it or not!

Now before you go, be sure and check out all the other ways that enterprising chefs and fans have created for using this liquid concentrate. How about a warm pot of Haute Coffee Chili, finger-licking good Black Gold Coffee Barbeque Sauce, a damn the ski slopes Ski-Tini or even a Java Flan? Tear, toss, and tumble it into your brownie mix, chocolate chip batter or waffles or pancakes…. we’ve already warned you: you’ve never seen anything like it, and you’ll never want to be without it again!

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