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Espresso Extra

Espresso Extra
Kava King


If you have an espresso machine you need to read about this! This blend is a 100% natural, herbal blend that contains Kava, coffee and extracts of black tea, green tea and ginseng.

The characteristics of the teas and ginseng may be well known, but the addition of Kava as the first ingredient is a new one! From the Kava root, kavalactones are extracted. This is a natural relaxant that does not contain narcotics. Used for centuries by the South Pacific islanders, Kava was used before they knew about alcohol. Some islanders still prefer Kava to alcohol to this day.

This blend is sprinkled on the top of your compressed coffee in your machines basket. Attach the basket and make your espresso as usual. Now when you drink your espresso, you will relaxed and feel calm. A sense of well-being will come over you…and it will all be done naturally!

Kava has been given to Presidents, Kings and Prime Ministers visiting the South Pacific. There is nothing illegal about this drink; it just may feel like it… Used before an important meeting or presentation, or after having faced a house full of kids all day, this may be your favorite cup of espresso ever!

In a 3.5-ounce metal tin with a scoop inside, you can choose to have plain espresso, or to enhance it and make it EXTRA special. A great natural product, you need to give this one a try.

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