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Teeccino Herbal Coffee
Naturally caffeine-free

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How many of you love coffee? I know I do. How many of you would like to cut down or give up caffeine? Without giving up in the taste or experience? I know I do.

Let's face it, coffee is an experience. It smells good, it tastes good, but some of us, myself included, we need to cut back or get rid of caffeine. Okay, so what's the solution? Teeccino, America's Favorite Coffee Alternative, which happens to be Teeccino's tag line.

What is Teeccino? I'd like to say it's more than a coffee alternative... Teeccino is a coffee experience. You get the feel and experience without any downside. Teeccino is a Mediterranean blend of grains, fruit, nuts and spices that have been roasted and then ground down to look like coffee grinds and create an absolutely perfect brew. It looks like coffee, it feels like coffee and you make it exactly the same way you make coffee either in a drip coffeemaker a cone coffee maker or a French press or a plunger style coffee maker.

I wish you could smell this right now because when you smell this you will experience and understand the difference between Teeccino and coffee. With Teeccino, there are layers of flavor and that's what makes Teeccino so fabulous. So what is Teeccino made of? Well... 75% organic. Organic carob, organic chicory, organic barley, dates, almonds, organic figs and citrus.

When you blend these ingredients together you get layer upon layer upon layer of flavors, like a fine wine or a fine fragrance. With coffee, you may experience a bite in the back of your mouth. With Teeccino, there is a warmth and richness that some coffees just can't compete with.

For you morning coffee lovers, you can now wake up to the aroma of Teeccino brewing and filling your home. You look into your mug, you see this deep wonderful color-that looks exactly like coffee. You take your first sip... ahhhhhhh... For you afternoon coffee drinkers, you too can enjoy a mug filled with this aromatic rich dense wonderful caffeine free experience that you love and enjoy that is easy on your body.

Teeccino is naturally caffeine free, non acidic which helps restore alkaline balance and no processing or chemical residues.

Teeccino is available at Whole Foods, Mothers and other fine grocery stores and health food stores. It is available in multiple flavors including Original, Amaretto, Grand Marnier, Vanilla Nut and Chocolate Mint. It is available in loose grinds or individual tea bags. Teeccino has my thumbs up.

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