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Tzu Green T-Bag

Tzu Green T-Bag
Tzu Thé

The owner of Tzu-Thé has created products unlike any other tea. Listen and discover why her tea and tea products are more nutritious and healthy for you.

Tzu-Thé Teas: Click here to listen.
Tzu-Thé T-Bars : Click here to listen.
The T-Buddy & T-Pod: Click here to listen.

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Pure Zing has known this supplier for a long time and we are still impressed with the supremely high quality of their products. Green teas abound, but very few are a premium tea that is managed every step along the way to ensure that the healthy catechins remain at the highest level possible.

The 2.5 g of tea in all 10 teabags (total 25g) is carefully overseen from the managing and planting of private tea plantations in Taiwan, through the drying process and all the way to the packaging of the finished product. Great care is taken to prevent the tea from oxidizing and therefore losing the valuable EGCG…a problem with most green teas that oxidize before you even purchase them.

What are the benefits of EGCG? This compound, only found in the freshest green teas, has been found to suppress cancers and tumors, help digest fat, lower blood cholesterol and sugar, and even protect against colds and cavities. Makes you want the very best green tea, doesn’t it?

Well, we fully endorse the quality of this tea…and love that it is in a box of ten packable, freshness-preserving sealed packages. Wait till you open one of the packages! The tea is in a fine mesh bag that looks somewhat like an origami bird! This configuration allows the tea to move and expand as it steeps: releasing more of the catechins into your cup. Each unusual tea bag has a string with a small piece of paper on the end to dangle over the side of your cup and each bag can be used twice, if desired.

The process is easy. Boil water, put the unique bag in your cup, pour the water over the bag, and if possible, cover the cup. Let the tea steep for 10-15 minutes (the longer it steeps, the more catechins are released). Now, you get to enjoy an amaZingly smooth tea, without any bitterness at all! The tea is pale, even after 15 minutes of steeping, but we know that it is not only good tasting, but good for us.

Pluck a few packages out of the box, put some in your briefcase, office drawer, glove compartment… and always have the freshest, best-tasting and healthy green tea immediately available to you. This is not just great tea… this tea is PURE ZING

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