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T-Pods Green Tea

T-Pods Green Tea
Tzu Thé

The owner of Tzu-Thé has created products unlike any other tea. Listen and discover why her tea and tea products are more nutritious and healthy for you.

Tzu-Thé Teas: Click here to listen.
Tzu-Thé T-Bars : Click here to listen.
The T-Buddy & T-Pod: Click here to listen.

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The creator of this fabulous tea thought outside the tea bag in several ways. Not only is the tea handled so that the antioxidant qualities are kept at their highest, but the container allows you to take this tea with you wherever you go!

First, you need to know that this pesticide-free green tea contains more antioxidants and EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate) than any other green tea available. EGCG is the compound that provides the numerous health benefits of green tea and a special heating process of freshly picked tealeaves preserves it. This prevents oxidation and loss of EGCG: all for your health benefit. The flavor and fragrance of this tea is fresh in the sealed container as well as brewed: no bitterness at all and the flavor is rich and full.

Each ‘pod’ contains 4.5 – 5-ounces of dried tealeaves. You can actually see the leaves, curled and dried: not crushed or pulverized. In a small plastic container that has been sealed with soft, patented top that can be peeled back to reveal catechin-rich health benefits, you can either pour the leaves into the T-Buddy and brew on the go, or you can pull the small container from purse, pocket, briefcase or backpack and slip it into the T-2Go Cup Top.

This tea is amaZing in that you can leave it in a teapot, or in the infuser of the T-Buddy or T-2Go Cup Top, and it never makes your tea taste bitter. This is due to the special handling and heat treatment of the tea, which prevents oxidation. Full green tea flavor, massive health benefits, and no bitterness! Wow…isn’t that what we have all wanted? Now you have it…and you can take it with you anywhere.

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