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Blueberry T-Bar

Blueberry T-Bar
Tzu Thé

The owner of Tzu-Thé has created products unlike any other tea. Listen and discover why her tea and tea products are more nutritious and healthy for you.

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Your first impression is of a rice crispy bar: light, crunchy, chewy….BUT, while this bar has those light, crispy qualities, it has none of the health detriments of that ‘candy’ bar. This is a nutrition bar through and through! Only natural, non GMO, raw ingredients that are packed with antioxidants are deftly mixed together to give you a nutrition bar like no other!

First, for those watching your waist-lines, this bar only has 120 calories. For those looking for the most antioxidant punch this bar has 3 grams of Green Tea, and for health nuts in general, this bar is filled with vitamins A, C, E, B2, B6, magnesium, selenium and folic acid as well as being low glycemic and high fiber.

All the ingredients are raw and cold-pressed: sprouted whole grain brown rice, whole grain oats, corn flakes, whole grain buckwheat, konnyaku natural sweetener, unsulphured dried blueberries and grapes,
Tzu The Green tea leaf, flax seeds, brewer’s yeast and bamboo salt. The konnyaku sweetener is made from Konjac, a Japanese tuber that is high in fiber, low in calories and fat and rich in minerals. This natural sweetener reduces jumps in your blood sugar as it slows the speed of sugar intake. Bamboo salt is mineral rich sea salt packed in bamboo and sealed at either end with yellow mud. The bamboo is roasted and the salt absorbs additional minerals from the mud and bamboo, while the bamboo and mud remove any impurities from the salt. There are no preservatives, no hydrogenated oils and no refined sugars in this bar. We told you that it was healthy!

OK, so you know that it’s good for you. But too often we find ‘good for you’ means tasteless. This bar is like the rice crispy bar: light, crunchy chewy….and then it goes further to be slightly nutty flavored along with a hint of blueberry and a subtle but rich green tea flavor. The sweetness is not over the top although it is super sticky: plan on licking your fingers! The light-colored, flecked 1.23-ounce bar is not dry or overloaded with seeds. There are no dates or heavy fruit pastes: just a nice mixture of grains, tea, dried fruit and a few flax seeds.

Like a rice crispy bar…but actually so much better tasting…and better for you, this sells by the dozen which is a good thing as they will disappear quickly. Easily packable in its light-weight wrapper, you will want this in your briefcase, backpack, glove compartment and lunch bag.


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