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Organic & Natural Chocolates

Hottie, Chili and Cinnamon Dark Chocolate, by Zazubean Organic Superfood Chocolate  

Hottie, Chili and Cinnamon Dark Chocolate, by Zazubean Organic Superfood Chocolate
Everything you are looking for in an organic chocolate bar: great rich chocolate taste, good for the growers, good for the planet and good for you. Read more...

Gimme Calcium Chocolate Candies  

Brightspot Brands Gimme Calcium Chocolate Candies
The GOOD for you part of this candy is that is contains 500mg. of TruCal which amounts to 50% of your calcium needs every day. What a delicious way to get strong bones! Read more...

Chocolate Prescription  

Chocolate Prescription Chocolate Prescription – One Week Prescription
Get a 1 week or 4 week prescription of heart-healthy chocolate and then totally and thoroughly enjoy each daily dose, each and every bite. No guilt! Read more...

Crème de Chocolat  

Herbasway Crème de Chocolat
One of the healthiest forms of chocolate: a deep dark extract of the cacao bean, just makes it more worth looking into – especially as the product is totally free of caffeine, fats, preservatives and calories! Read more...


Rushburn Toffee English Toffee with Almonds 
The semisweet chocolate is perfect with the almonds, and the toffee has just the right amount of chewy salty-sweetness to compliment both of them. Read more...


Rushburn Toffee English Toffee with Almonds 3-Ounce Gift Box 
This charming box contains just enough toffee to satisfy your craving…or sweetly express that you are thinking of someone else. Read more...


Rushburn Toffee Dark Chocolate Toffee Clusters 
Rich dark chocolate, followed by an elegant hint of almond and finished off with a toffee brittle crunch and explosion… Read more...


Rushburn Toffee 1-Pound Toffee Sampler 
A box of four sealed packets of English toffee, Espresso Toffee, Dark Chocolate Toffee Clusters as well as Milk Chocolate Toffee Clusters. Read more...


John Kelly Chocolates Truffle Fudge Bars 
Each piece is handmade, covered in chocolate and looks and tastes like perfection. This fudge is aptly named truffle fudge… Read more...


John Kelly Chocolates Gourmet Fudge Bar 
Rich, silky, densely chocolate, beautifully presented…it was Purely decadent. This is not your mom’s fudge. Read more...


John Kelly Chocolates 12 Truffle Fudge Bars 
A true balance of the additional flavors with the rich fudge and chocolate coating. The best fudge we've tasted! Read more...


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