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12 Truffle Fudge Bars

12 Truffle Fudge Bars
John Kelly Chocolates

The elegant bronze box tied with dark chocolate-colored ribbon measures 6 ½ x 6 ½ x 1 ½ -inches and is filled with 12, gold foil wrapped, chocolate covered chunks of rich fudge. Twelve flavors: each one individually wrapped and labeled.

Peanut Butter is semi sweet chocolate fudge without nuts, topped with just the right thickness of real, crunchy peanut butter and then completely covered in semi sweet chocolate. Just the right amount of peanut butter keeps it balanced rather than overstated. This rich confection does not stick to the roof of your mouth as the melting fudge and chocolate coating are so creamy and rich. This is not kid’s candy, but an addiction from childhood turned gourmet!

Orange without Nuts has just the right amount of fresh, bittersweet orange rind flavor in it to marry perfectly with the semi sweet fudge and chocolate coating. Anything less bitter would be too sweet, and also too predictable. There is no rind present to mar the silky smoothness of the fudge, but the flavor permeates every nibble and bite: a flavor so fresh, you’re sure there has to be orange zest somewhere…and so you keep sampling and sampling this Pure bittersweet orange and chocolate delight. Zing!

Caramel with Walnuts is not your chewy, gooey chocolate found in a grocery store selection. This is a thin, melting layer of caramel that is so light but rich that you get hints of it, rather than being overwhelmed by it. One moment the rich caramel flavor and silkiness is there, the next, decadent semisweet chocolate, with a mild chew of walnut. The hint of caramel is far more seductive in this fudge, than any lock-jaw caramel you’ve ever been subjected to. Very subtle, very elegant, very Zing!

Chocolate with Walnuts is a 2-ounce chunk of smooth, rich fudge, with large pieces of walnuts, all dredged in a thick chocolate coating. This is medium sweet fudge, and so smooth that it is like silk, melting in your mouth. Perfect fudge, perfect walnuts…this fudge is incredible, and what you always dreamed your fudge would be like!

Chocolate without Nuts is medium sweet fudge, smooth and creamy like a rich, dense truffle. Covered in semi-sweet chocolate, there are no nuts: nothing to get in the way of the meltingly incredible pure chocolate experience! If you love rich and velvety chocolate, this is your dream sensation.

Mint without Nuts is fresh, light and refreshing, while at the same time it is rich and meltingly decadent. What a combination: this fudge tastes like it has been swirled with an after dinner mint drink, a slightly heady flavor that you keep wanting to taste and savor. This is the best mint and chocolate combination that any of us have tasted. It’s addictively good!

Vanilla with Walnuts is a toffee/beige colored fudge that contrasts beautifully with the ¼-inch thick chocolate coating. This is the sweetest truffle fudge of the box, with an almost cherry flavor, and is decorated with a lazy chocolate drizzle on the top of the semi sweet chocolate. Not overpoweringly vanilla, this again is the perfect balance between flavors and textures.

Vanilla without Nuts has the same toffee/beige fudge as the fudge above, covered by semi sweet chocolate…just no nuts to mar its velvety sweetness or smoothness. Without the nutty flavor addition, this vanilla fudge comes across as a little more caramel, brown sugar tasting, which is lovely with the chocolate coating! This is for the sweet tooth of the crowd as it is shamelessly the sweetest in the box.

Cappuccino with Walnuts has walnuts and so you expect to get a nutty flavor, but what you get is the incredible, perfect bitter flavor of coffee, swirled with chocolate and rounded out with the nuts at the finish. Think foaming, rich cinnamon cappuccino first, and then take a bite of chocolate. Let it melt in your mouth, and then nibble a walnut. That’s what this stupendous piece of fudge is like! All you’re missing is the dimly lit coffee house!

Dark Chocolate with Walnuts is a decadent dark chocolate coating over a dark chocolate truffle fudge that is studded with pieces of walnut. This is the least sweet of the box and for a chocolate lover; this is a richest, low-key deep chocolate experience of the box. Go ahead, dive all the way into this fudge. It doesn’t get richer or more velvety than this! Zing!

Raspberry without Nuts has the sweet raspberry flavor to begin with, but the finish, even after all the dense chocolate fudge and topping, is ever so slightly tart, clearing the palate and keeping it from becoming overwhelming. Not that it isn’t rich…it is! It’s just that the high note at the end is such a complement to all the richness. You’ll love the beginning, middle and end of this raspberry chocolate marriage…perfectly balanced from first bite to last.

Hazelnut with Walnuts is smoky, nutty, low key and divine! This is a very adult, gourmet flavor: simple yet complex. This reminds us of firelight and velvet, rich red wines and jazz. In other words, this is sophisticated fudge, its richness contrasted beautifully with the depth of hazelnut flavor as you have never tasted it before. Get dressed up and savor this fudge…there’s nothing else like it! That’s PureZing!

Each piece in this box of 12 weighs a chunky and decadent 2-ounces. The creators of these truffle fudge bars are masters at balancing the additional flavors and ingredients to the rich fudge and chocolate coating. Not predictable, run of the mill or overdone, this is the best fudge that our team has ever tasted. We all apologize to our mom’s…and are sending them each a box!

The ingredients of ALL the bars are: sugar, semisweet chocolate, evaporated milk, butter, walnuts, white chocolate, chocolate liquor, caramel, peanut butter, corn syrup, salt, natural vanilla, hazelnut, orange, peppermint, raspberry and cappuccino flavors.


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