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Mixed Flax Bars (12)


Baking, Snacks, Chocolates & Sweets

Healthy Baking & Nutritious SnacksEating organic & natural products doesn't mean you don't get to indulge yourself every once in awhile!

We are happy to say that we have found rich organic chocolates, as well as snacks that are rich and satisfying while being full of wholesome, all-natural ingredients - and NO TRANS-FATS!

So don't feel guilty if you have to indulge your cravings every once in awhile... just search PureZing and you'll find something to satisfy!

Latest Products
Mackieís of Scotland, Potato Chips
Mackieís of Scotland, Potato Chips
Clean tasting, not greasy. You taste the Potato Chip, not the oil. Cooked with High Oleic Sunflower Oil. If you want to have a potato chip, a healthier alternative than what is on the market, then Mackieís of Scotland is the chip for you. Read more...
Oatmeal Raisin Walnut Cookies by Chunkie Dunkies
Oatmeal Raisin Walnut Cookies, by Chunkie Dunkies
Being a product reviewer does have its benefits, especially in the cookie department. So reviewing Chunkie Dunkies is music to my tummy. Read more...
Chocolate Chunk Fudge Brownie by Chunkie Dunkies
Chocolate Chunk Fudge Brownie, by Chunkie Dunkies
Love at first bite! Probably the most decadent, richest chocolate brownie I have ever eaten. Read more...
Chocolate Chip Cookies by Chunkie Dunkies
Chocolate Chip Cookies, by Chunkie Dunkies
Love at first bite! Canít stop eating them. You would never know these cookies are healthy, they are that good. Read more...
Cashew Lemon Cream Cookies by Chunkie Dunkies
Cashew Lemon Cream Cookies, by Chunkie Dunkies
Love at first bite! Canít stop eating them. You would never know these cookies are healthy, they are that good. Read more...
Goji Flavor Anti Aging Whole Food Bar
Regeneration USA Goji Flavor Anti Aging Whole Food Bar
This bar is densely packed with ingredients. It is thick and rich with ingredients, not air… subtle fruit flavor, some seeds, and almost whole acai and goji berries. Read more...
Glee Gum
Verve, Inc. Glee Gum Rather than corn syrup, this gum uses rice syrup, natural flavorings and colorings, pure cane sugar and chicle which is harvested from Sapodilla trees in the rain forests of Central America. Read more...
Gimme Calcium Chocolate Candies
Brightspot Brands Gimme Calcium Chocolate Candies The GOOD for you part of this candy is that is contains 500mg. of TruCal which amounts to 50% of your calcium needs every day. What a delicious way to get strong bones! Read more...
Chocolate Prescription
Chocolate Prescription Chocolate Prescription – One Week Prescription Get a 1 week or 4 week prescription of heart-healthy chocolate and then totally and thoroughly enjoy each daily dose, each and every bite. No guilt! Read more...
Triple Chocolate Chunk Brownie Embrace Sweets Triple Chocolate Chunk Brownie The gooey center is such a delight contrasted with the chunky-ness of all the BIG chocolate pieces. Who wouldn’t like pudding, fudge, brownie, chocolate chunks and chocolate cake all rolled into one Read more...

Top Products

Tzu Thé T-Bar Natural Rice Green Tea Nutrition Bar The flavor is very rich, with nutty grains and seeds compliment it, with just the slightest sweetness for a finish. Read more...

Native American Natural Foods, LLC Tanka Bar This is absolutely the most marvelous energy bar that our team has tasted! Smoky, meaty and with the Zing of cranberries, the flavor is addictive and unique! Read more...

Herbasway Crème de Chocolat
One of the healthiest forms of chocolate: a deep dark extract of the cacao bean -- this product is totally free of caffeine, fats, preservatives and calories! Read more...

John Kelly Chocolates Gourmet Fudge Bar  Rich, silky, densely chocolate, beautifully presented…it was Purely decadent. This is not your mom’s fudge. Read more...

Rushburn Toffee Dark Chocolate Toffee Clusters 
Rich dark chocolate, followed by an elegant hint of almond and finished off with a toffee brittle crunch and explosion… Read more...

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