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Herbasway Crème de Chocolat

Crème de Chocolat

If you think that most everything edible in the world can be improved by a small dose of chocolate, then HerbaSway's Crème de Chocolat is for you. The fact that it's one of the healthiest forms of chocolate, a deep dark extract of the cacao bean, just makes it more worth looking into – especially as the product is totally free of caffeine, fats, preservatives and calories!


Chocolate’s Chock O’ Health Facts

According to the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, chocolate prevents the oxidation of the bad LD cholesterol in your bloodstream. Chocolates’ polyphenols (plant chemicals which account for chocolate’s high antioxidant value) deter the waxy LDL (low density lipoprotein, bad cholesterol) from oxidizing and attaching to artery walls or floating off in a clump to cause a brain stroke.

So, is chocolate better than what you’ve read about blueberries? Yes. The USDA’s published chart of antioxidant foods measured in ORACs (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity Units) shows that for every 100 grams, dark chocolate has 13,120 ORACs, blueberries have only 2,400 ORACs. That’s more than 5 times better! )

Within this small 2-ounce vial of chocolate extract are all things healthy: 55 mg of cocoa bean extract with its healthy supply of polyphenols, additional white tea polyphenols, Dutch cocoa powder, a proprietary blend of the Lo Han fruit extract and the naturally sweetening Stevia leaf (the latter two also good for moistening internal organs. Sweet!). By the way, don't let the small size of the vial deter you: There's 60 dropper-ful servings to each bottle!

We submitted Crème de Chocolat to the rigorous testing of a five-female Chocolate Evening Party, each of us trying out this delicious syrup inside 3 recipes supplied by the manufacturer: A Raspberry-Chocolate Delight drink (we re-dubbed this “Chambord Polyphenol Fantasy”), a Chocolate Martini, and finally Crème de Chocolat Protein Smoothies. Mmmm....Can't say we were in any shape afterwards to do anything more than go dance at Universal's Latin Quarter (which we did!)

With no further delay, here are the results.

Hands-down, the winner was the Chambord Polyphenol Fantasy! A Fan-tasty Drink Sure to Liven up an Evening…

Combining Raspberry Chambord with a splash of club soda severed over crushed ice, this wonderful drink makes a great after dinner enlivening burst in the mouth. And so consoling to know Chambord itself is always preservative-free. Ah- those polyphenols created just enough of an energy boost for us to muster our strength to go onto the Chocolate Martini testing…

Get out of Those Wet Clothes and Into a Dry Martini… If you love a martini but want something a tad healthier than the rich recipe version with Bailey’s Irish Cream and its high fat content, Crème de Chocolat's Chocolate Martini adds extra heavenly smoothness to the drink of Potsdam without the additional calories. (Historical note: As the Art Deco invested cone shape of the glass belies, the martini came of age in the 1920’s as the preferred drink of Dorothy Parker and her literary friends. On the more masculine side, Martinis were drunk by Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin at Potsdam while they carved up the world. Scary thought, eh? Even today, HerbaSway’s chocolate version of martini would appeal to both sexes.

Don’t Like Alcohol or Care to Stay Away? For a great sports performance drink or just zippy breakfast drink, the Crème de Chocolat Protein Smoothie is for you! We actually tried the sports drink next morning before a 2 mile run. Providing a nice blast to go fast, this chocolate protein smoothie wakes up those spinal motoneurons, pushing your legs to the next quarter-mile. Instead of the somewhat generic whey protein powder, we used Nature's Plus low carb Ketoslim non-GMO high protein chocolate shake powder. (Told you we couldn’t get enough chocolate!) Now that packs a true power blast. Coupled with HerbaSways’ Crème de Chocolat’s anti-oxidant power, this drink’s a reward that starts and works for you before the race gun goes off.

Now, for those of you who think we make too much of chocolate, we need to let you know that there are several other ‘flavors’ of this healthy, liquid way to get your daily antioxidants….but we sure had fun with this scrumptious and adaptable chocolate version, alcoholic or not. You will too!

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