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Nutritious Bars & Snacks

Goji Flavor Anti Aging Whole Food Bar  

Regeneration USA Goji Flavor Anti Aging Whole Food Bar
This bar is densely packed with ingredients. It is thick and rich with ingredients, not air… subtle fruit flavor, some seeds, and almost whole acai and goji berries. Read more...

Triple Chocolate Chunk Brownie  

Embrace Sweets Triple Chocolate Chunk Brownie
The gooey center is such a delight contrasted with the chunky-ness of all the BIG chocolate pieces. Who wouldn’t like pudding, fudge, brownie, chocolate chunks and chocolate cake all rolled into one Read more...

Tanka Bar  

Native American Natural Foods, LLC Tanka Bar
This is absolutely the most marvelous energy bar that our team has tasted! Smoky, meaty and with the Zing of cranberries, the flavor is addictive and unique! Read more...

Blueberry T-Bar  

Tzu Thé Blueberry T-Bar
There are no preservatives, no hydrogenated oils and no refined sugars in this bar. We told you that it was healthy! Read more...

Lemon Zest T-Bar  

Tzu Thé Lemon Zest T-Bar
This bar is light, crunchy and with a hint of lemon and a hint of sweetness. Read more...


Tzu Thé T-Bar Tropical Fruit Green Tea Nutrition Bar
The flavor is a perfect balance of nutty grain flavor, green tea richness, and piquant fruit. Read more...


Tzu Thé T-Bar Natural Rice Green Tea Nutrition Bar
The flavor is very green tea rich, and the nuttiness of the grains and seeds compliment it, with just the slightest sweetness for a finish. Read more...


Tzu Thé T-Bar Green Tea Nutrition Bar
Highly nutritious, this flavorful and unique creation is a far cry from what you usually reach for in a health food store! Read more...

Divine Foods, Inc PranaBar  

Divine Foods, Inc Prana Bars
Six great tasting flavours, with the added benefit of actually being good for you! Read more...


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