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Tanka Bar

Tanka Bar
Native American Natural Foods, LLC

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Wow! This is absolutely the most marvelous energy bar that our team has tasted! Smoky, meaty and with the Zing of cranberries, the flavor is addictive and unique!

The meat is buffalo which is lean, low cholesterol and with a mild flavor. The smoked cranberries are out of this world! Add in the ‘secret’ patent-pending herbs that preserve this bar and you have an incredible combination that you want more of!

Everyone on our team raves about this bar. The ingredients are simple and pure: Buffalo, dried cranberries (cranberries and sugar), water, sea salt, red pepper, granulated garlic, granulated onion and lactic acid starter culture. Slow-smoked for 9 hours, this high protein portable energy and endurance bar only has 70 calories!

In a sealed pouch this 1-ounce bar can easily fit in a briefcase, backpack, purse, suitcase or glove compartment. Rip open the end and the smoky fragrance is mouthwatering. Bite into the bar and the juxtaposition of smoky sweet-tart cranberries, garlic, onions, red pepper and smoky lean Buffalo is just incredible. The only negative is that the bar is gone far too quickly!

Created from ancient traditions, the Oglala Lakotas created this bar to help the People, the Buffalo and Mother Earth and to share a Native way of wellness that feeds mind, body and spirit. The buffalo and the American Indian celebrate a union and way of life that existed for 30,000 years. Once the buffalo were 30 million strong and the Plains Indians were approximately 72 million strong. By the turn of the last century both were near extinction: 500 buffalo and only 250,000 Indians remained.

Confined to small amounts of land by the government, both the American Indian and Buffalo were almost eradicated. Over the last 100 years, both are making a comeback and co-existence between the two is being reestablished. To eat buffalo is a spiritual ritual that is legendary - and is now being introduced to you.

Tanka Bar. Experience the incredible traditional flavor that sustained the Plains Indians for thousands of years. What a tradition, what an energy and endurance bar!

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