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Triple Chocolate Chunk Brownie

Triple Chocolate Chunk Brownie
Embrace Sweets

OK, being reviewers has its benefits! We got to taste every flavor of brownie that Embrace Sweets makes: Triple Chocolate Chunk, Peanut Butter, Butter Pecan, Chunky Walnut and Tropical Blend…and while all of them were mouthwatering, rich, thick and chunky with all natural ingredients, we have to admit that we all flipped over the Triple Chocolate Chunk!

As true chocoholics, we’re not going to let much get in the way of our pure chocolate decadence (move over fruit and nuts!)…and so this super chocolatey confection was the hand’s down winner. Here are the words from the very mouths that tasted this amaZing brownie: “MMMMMM! (eyes roll back in head), Oh My! Wow! There’s a surprise creamy-pudding-like filling! Oh this is good! No, this is GREAT! Get away from those crumbs, those are MY crumbs!”

Four of us split this rich brownie and all felt that the gooey center was such a delight contrasted with the chunky-ness of all the BIG chocolate pieces. We mean, who wouldn’t like pudding, fudge, brownie, chocolate chunks and chocolate cake all rolled into one? If you seriously LOVE chocolate, then you are just going to have to wrap your tastebuds around this marvel of a brownie, and sigh and exclaim all for yourself.

These brownies are so good that they are called the Tiffany’s of Brownies. The mother daughter team/owners/baker/taster are now on the west coast and in both L.A and San Francisco they are so popular! Their goal? To feed the world the best and richest all natural and organic brownies! Now that’s a goal!

We do not have an ingredient list for this brownie, but we do know that it is made with real butter, assorted Callebault chocolates and love and dedication. Yes, brownies are rich and decadent and almost sinful…that is why you MUST buy this one! It’s the best of the best of all those traits!!

Each brownie comes sealed in its own air-tight wrapping so that its freshness last as long as possible. We would suggest that you get these brownies for a dessert for a crowd and then (at least for a while!) take the glory as if you were the inspired bake chef. We know, you’re honest….so you will finally ‘fess up and let everyone know that they really need to Embrace Sweets ‘cause they’re Pure Zing! Now, as the owner says ‘Get out there and eat a brownie!’

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