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Dark Chocolate Truffle Clusters

Dark Chocolate Toffee Clusters
Rushburn Toffee

In a 5-ounce dark chocolate colored box is a clear bag of toffee clusters. What is a toffee cluster? It is an irregularly shaped piece of dark chocolate that has little chunks of brittle toffee and almond pieces in it! It is bumpy with toffee and almonds and thick with chocolate. It’s decadent, rich, enormously satisfying and addictive.

The clear bag contained an unidentified number of clusters: unidentified because the Pure Zing team grabbed and ate and oohed and aahed….and no one counted! Suffice to say that there are 5-ounces of sheer pleasure in each bag and even though we were all sharing, there was not one dissatisfied person.

The ingredients are high quality, dark Callebaut chocolate (51% cocoa); toffee made with sugar, butter, cream and salt; almonds; semi-sweet dark chocolate; corn syrup and soy lecithin. The color of the chocolate is as dark as the yummy looking box and anyone would be pleased to receive this as a gift. Be sure and get several of these…or you’ll regret it!

Each cluster is large enough to be fully satisfying. All you have to do is figure out your method of consumption: most women will nibble these…while men pop them into their mouths whole and munch contentedly. Whether you pop or nibble, these clusters are thick like mini candy bars: without the long list of chemicals.

The Pure Zing team debated the additional ways that this gorgeous toffee, almond chocolate candy could be eaten and enjoyed other than just out of hand. Here are some of the ideas: crushed and layered between different flavors of ice cream in a parfait glass, halved and tossed with fresh strawberries and raspberries topped with a dollop of real whipped cream, pressed into the top of homemade chocolate pudding as a bumpy but beautiful decoration and as a pure chocolate delight: nibbled while drinking hot chocolate, the last bite stirred into the cup.

The first flavor is rich dark chocolate. This is followed by an elegant hint of almond and finished off with a toffee brittle crunch and explosion…a salty-smooth-sweet butter flavor a perfect finish. If you like toffee, this is a great toffee. If you love toffee and chocolate, you’ll love the decadence of this incredible combination. If you feel indulgent, take the whole bag and pop or nibble your way to total contentment!


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