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English Toffee Gift Box

English Toffee with Almonds 3-Ounce Gift Box
Rushburn Toffee

Oh count the ways that you can gift or give or tuck or include this pretty box in your life, or the lives of others! How about giving this to your mailman, secretary or hairdresser? Send it to a student at exam time and please a hostess with a thoughtful gesture for all she has done. Sweeten the dreams of a special person by putting this under their pillow, give to a special teacher or mentor and be sure and add a few boxes of this to a picnic basket. Keep some on a pantry shelf for an impromptu dessert while playing scrabble before the fire, and have an emergency box of this in the glove compartment for Zinging up a long road trip.

No matter how you use it, this 3-ounce box of English Toffee that is covered in semi-sweet chocolate and then dusted with crushed almonds, will delight. Our team loved the fact that this toffee is a brittle that has been covered in chocolate and almonds and then hand crushed. This results in all sizes of pieces, and all combinations of ingredients. Sometimes your hand pulls out just a piece of chocolate, other times, just almonds. Sometimes the brittle is bare and other times, it is smothered in chocolate. One piece is a nibble size, another a melt in your mouth…and then a large nugget presents itself!

From a very old and closely guarded family recipe, this toffee has been created from pure ingredients: sugar, butter, almonds, semi-sweet chocolate, cocoa butter, soy lecithin, corn syrup and natural mixed tocopherols. The subtle silver box is prettily decorated and contains one, silver foil package of toffee. While the presentation is elegant and simple, the contents are delightful and marvelous!

The Pure Zing team knows that very few of us can remain pure all the time…and that a sweet longing will get to the best of us. With that in mind, we are pleased that this charming box contains just enough toffee to satisfy your craving…or sweetly express that you are thinking of someone else.

The flavor is a wonderful balance of sweet to salty and the texture is melt in your mouth, chewy and crunch. A lovely presentation, there was not one member of Pure Zing who did not love it in every way. All you have to do is count the ways that you can gift, give and thoroughly enjoy this jewel of a toffee.


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