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Natural Green Tea Nutrition Bar

T-Bar Natural Rice Green Tea Nutrition Bar
Tzu Thé

The owner of Tzu-Thé has created products unlike any other tea. Listen and discover why her tea and tea products are more nutritious and healthy for you.

Tzu-Thé Teas: Click here to listen.
Tzu-Thé T-Bars : Click here to listen.
The T-Buddy & T-Pod: Click here to listen.

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While at first glance this bar looks a little like a green-flecked rice crispy bar, upon second glance, you realize that this is not fluff and sugar, but serious and delicious nutrition.

Tzu Thé green tea leaf is the main ingredient and the antioxidant benefits are immense as this premium, pesticide-free tea has been specially treated with heat to preserve its ECGC (the beneficial compound that provides green tea’s health benefits). Brewer's yeast from the Sapporo Brewery in Japan is filled with protein, vitamins, 14 minerals, and 9 essential amino acids. Sprouted whole grain brown rice, flax seed, whole grain buckwheat, oat, and rye, and sesame seed has a nutty flavor and supplies incredible fiber and nutrients. Konnyaku fructose, derived from a Japanese tuber is low in calories, high in fiber, low fat, and rich in minerals. It has a natural sweetness that is light and subtle. Along with sea salt that has been purified inside heated bamboo, this 1.23ounce bar is as healthy as a bar can get!

The flavor is very green tea rich, and the nuttiness of the grains and seeds compliment it. The finish is just the slightest sweetness from the Konnyaku fructose, and it is a delight with the crisp and chewy consistency.

The bar is wrapped in an airtight wrapper and is sold by the dozen. Don’t despair: every single bar will disappear faster than you can believe, as this bar is not only satisfying, it’s guilt-free and nutritionally healthy snacking for any time of the day. With only 108 calories, and only .7 g. of fat, you will want one tucked in your purse, glove compartment, backpack, and briefcase. Toss some in your carry-on luggage for the perfect antidote to airplane food. Great bar for kids, but a sophisticated bar for adults!

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