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Green Tea Nutrition Bar

T-Bar Green Tea Nutrition Bar
Tzu Thé

The owner of Tzu-Thé has created products unlike any other tea. Listen and discover why her tea and tea products are more nutritious and healthy for you.

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You’ve never tasted a nutrition bar like this one! This bar does not contain dates and is not a fruity soft puree held together by some seeds. It is crispy and light but has plenty of chew with just the tiniest bit of sweetness. If you like green tea, you will love this bar as that is what is in it. Highly nutritious, this flavorful and unique creation is a far cry from what you usually reach for in a health food store.

There are three ingredients that are very unusual, but healthy. One is Konnyaku fructose, which comes from the Japanese Tuber called Konnyaku. The second unusual ingredient in this marvelous bar is Bamboo salt. Bamboo salt is sea salt that has been baked in bamboo cylinders for purification. The other unusual ingredient is Sapporo Brewers Yeast, which is obtained from the Sapporo Brewing Company in Japan. This yeast contains no alcohol and is very nutritious. The remaining ingredients will explain the unique flavor and crisp but light consistency: sprouted whole grain brown rice, whole grains of buckwheat and oats, whole grain rye, sesame seeds, green tea leaf, green tea powder and flax seeds.

What are the benefits of these ingredients? Lots of fiber, natural cellulose, vitamin B1, calcium, iron, selenium, magnesium, iodine and 14 minerals and 9 essential amino acids such as valine, theronine, tryptophan, pheny lalnine, lysine, isoleucine, leucine, methionine, and histidine. Cold pressed, this bar is rich in antioxidants and beneficial enzymes and contains no preservatives or GMO’s.

The bar is highly flecked with green tea leaves, and each of the seeds and sprouts are visible. The whole bar has just enough Konnyaku to hold it together, and sweeten it ever so slightly. This is not a bar to gulp; this is a bar to savor in small bites, enjoying the texture and lovely green tea taste.

Marvelous! Unique! Super healthy and absolutely delicious, this green tea nutrition bar was a hit with everyone on the Pure Zing team. It’s a good thing they sell this 1.23-ounce flavor by the dozen, because you will be eating them all the time. With almost zero fat (0.68g.) and 3 grams of green tea in each bar, you know that you CAN eat more than just one!

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