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T-Buddy Hot or Cold On the Go Brewing Cup
Tzu Thé

The owner of Tzu-Thé has created products unlike any other tea. Listen and discover why her tea and tea products are more nutritious and healthy for you.

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Brilliant! Solid, attractive, and innovative, you are going to want this hot or cold, go anywhere, brew coffee or tea container!

Nine inches tall and made from an unbreakable PC (polycarbonate) product that is temperature resistant up to 137 degrees Celsius, a brewing element is part of the design…. and it doesn’t have a plug!

The smaller removable cap is for drinking from and is the end that you add water to. This smaller cap additionally has an air vented pressure relief lid that makes it safe for hot liquids. The wider base also has a removable end, and is where you pour loose tealeaves, flora tea, fruit tea, herbal infusions, or coffee grounds into a fine gauge sieve.

Start by putting the tea or coffee in the brewing sieve and put the cap back on the base end. Turn the container over and add hot or cold water into the drinking end. After steeping, remove the cap and drink your hot or cold tea or coffee!

If you use the T-2Go Green Tea, you never even have to remove the tea leaves after steeping as they never make your tea bitter! If you are using some other kind of tea, or even coffee, when the brewing is done, flip the container, unscrew the wide end, remove the filter and dispose of the contents. Put the filter back in…and the base back on. You now have a portable, freshly brewed 20 or 25-ounce container of the beverage of your choice!

In a hurry in the morning and don’t have time to wait for your coffee to brew? Add your ground beans to the wide end, pour hot water in the other, and leave for the office: your coffee will brew on the way! Want a great tea when everyone else is drinking coffee? Have your favorite tea or even tea bags in the infuser…and all you need is hot or cold water. You have tea to go in your own personal, attractive container!

This container comes with a simple black neoprene sleeve to protect your fingers from heat as well as a simple and sturdy carrying strap that snaps to the tiny eyelets just below the drinking cap. We find that the neoprene sleeve also helps to insulate the contents, helping to keep contents hot or cold for a longer period and the strap is large enough to fit over your wrist if you are carrying other objects.

The design is simple, elegant and can comfortably be used by men or women. The look is clean and contemporary and is easy to assemble, wash, dry, and store. This container also arrives in a sturdy box with complete directions that are easy to understand. This innovative concept would be great as a gift for anyone that you know who loves freshly brewed coffee or tea. Our whole team loves the ease of use, the portability and that it can be used for tea or coffee, whether it’s hot or cold. Very versatile and easy to use, this is Pure Zing!!

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