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Good Vibes Organic Coffee

Good Vibes Organic, Fair Trade Coffee
Ugly Mug Coffee


You know, we can tell you that this is a blend of Sumatra and Central American coffees, but for most people that comes across like describing a wine by its region and vineyard.

To us, tasting and smelling the aroma of a coffee is like sipping a wine and knowing whether it’s sweet or dry.

The aroma of this coffee is rich with an almost pecan fragrance in the background. While the body of the coffee is rich and full, the whole cup is a smooth and even experience ending with just a hint of caramel. It’s great ‘straight’, but if you want it even richer and fuller, then add just a little cream and a touch of sugar. To many on the Pure Zing team, it’s like adding a pinch of salt to foods…it accentuates the best characteristics.

This wonderful coffee comes in a test me 2.5-ounce size, an I drink alone 8-ounce size, an I don’t want to run out but want it fresh 1-pound size and the I know how to impress the office 5-pound size. Pick your choice of Universal or French Press grind, or be a purist and get the whole bean to grind yourself.

Have this coffee delivered right to your door and know that it was only a few days ago that it was freshly roasted and sealed for freshness. Open the plastic covered foil packet and smell the richness that only a good coffee can give. This is organic, hand picked and purchased directly from the farmer’s co-ops. No big business has jacked up the price and cut the quality by mass production. Now, using the little metal clip that comes with the packet, reseal it and know this coffee is not only the real deal, it’s also Pure Zing!

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