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Mate Chai Latte Concentrate

Mate Chai Latte Concentrate


The very first sentence on this supplier’s web description of this concentrate is ‘Make perfect Mate Chai Lattes every time’. Truer words were never spoken! If you are a Chai freak, you can now not only make your own perfect Chai Lattes, but make the most nutritious ones too!

Yerba Mate is filled with vitamins, mineral, antioxidants and amino acids and is called the ‘drink of the gods’ in South America. It is enjoyed daily and is revered for supplying sustained energy and mind clearing qualities. Instead of black tea, which is regularly found in Chai, try this one based on the Yerba Mate leaf.

The ingredients are purified water, organic evaporated cane juice, organic yerba mate (organic yerba mate extract, organic mannoc root starch), organic chai extract and citric acid.

All you have to do is pour a half glass of this spicy concentrate and then fill the other half with milk or cream. Heated or chilled it is deliriously wonderful and perfectly spiced and flavored! The PureZing team has taken a vow to never run out of this concentrate as the ease of preparation and the flavoring are both so wonderful.

Just when you think it can’t get any better, the owners supply you with two other recipes for this concentrate: Mate Chai Cider (mix 1:1 with apple juice) and Mate Chai Milk Shake (blend 1:1 with ice cream).

Throw away the guilt and rev your taste buds with this nutritious, spicy and Zingy concentrate! You’ll get hooked on this great concentrate too.

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