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Hardy Passion Organic Trade Coffee

Saving Grace Organic, Fair Trade Coffee
Ugly Mug Coffee


This is the kind of coffee that you can drink all day long. Light, great flavor and with a tiny zing of acid on the finish, this coffee is smooth, smooth, smooth. With or without cream, with or without sugar, this is a great, all around coffee that everyone will love.

Not robust, this coffee still has flavor. Smooth doesn’t mean bland, it just means that one particular flavor is not going to knock out your tastebuds and take over the cup. Well balanced and clean, this organic, fair trade coffee can even stand being iced for the summer.

Pure Zing very much likes that this coffee is fair trade, meaning that no middleman takes the profit that rightly belongs to the farmer. This keeps the wholesale price dependable: that is passed on to you, along with a coffee within days of roasting.

If you’re tired of the same old coffee in the grocery store, or hate paying the big ‘bucks’ for you know what, then start ordering your coffee online and have it delivered right to your door! Choose your grind: Universal drip, French press, or get the whole bean and grind your own. You also have a large selection of sizes: 2.5-ounce trial size, 8-ounce keep it fresh size, 1-pound I love coffee size and the 5-pound brew for a crowd size.

Open up the plastic coated foil packet, prepare it your favorite way, and know that not only is the coffee great, but so is the treatment of the bean…and the grower.

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