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Organic Dark Hot Chocolate

Organic Dark Hot Chocolate

Oh mercy, do we LOVE this hot chocolate! We are in total agreement with the owner and creator of this chocolate in that most hot chocolate mixes aren’t rich enough: they just don’t have that WOW factor that sends delightful chocolate chills all over your body. This hot chocolate mix is the real deal: the one of chocolate dreams! The brilliant chocolate lover/owner, tired of insipid hot chocolate, decided to take matter into his own hands and created a hot chocolate that is rich and velvety and sinfully addictive…the kind that is really to die for!

That may sound over the top to some of you, but we know that you true chocoholics out there know just what we mean. Yeah, there is hot chocolate, BUT, when you want that warm, rich chocolate sensation that soaks all the way to you your bones and all the way down to your toes, then this is the chocolatey, intense, rich chocolate mix that you need to reach for.

Now before you get all ‘but chocolate isn’t good for you’ bent out of shape, you have to know that there are actual medical studies that show that dark chocolate is good for your heart health and that you should eat good chocolate at least once a day. Yep! Isn’t’ that positively the most wonderful study that you have heard of? So, what are you waiting for! Not only could you have a cup of this once a day, but you are being extra careful of your health as this super, super rich hot chocolate mix is organic! There are now, absolutely, positively no sane reasons why you shouldn’t indulge in this amaZing hot chocolate on a daily basis!

The ingredients are organic evaporated cane juice, organic cocoa, organic non-fat dry milk powder, organic maltodextrin and organic guar gum. Add two tablespoons of the mix to hot water, hot milk or even hot coffee and prepare to have your eyes roll back in your head with pleasure! In a ‘snap the lid back on’ 10-ounce container, you will be able to enjoy this dreamy beverage at work, when you travel, and even over a campfire!

WOW! Rich, organic, good for you, addictive…the kind of hot chocolate that you have always dreamed of: Boulevards Organic Dark Hot Chocolate is Pure Zing! Get some…if you’re a chocoholic, you’ll NEVER regret it!

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