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Blueberry Juice Concentrate

Blueberry Juice Concentrate
TPG Enterprises

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Are you a blueberry lover? I mean the kind that puts a bunch of blueberries into their mouth all at once so that they can have that blueberry burst of flavor? Is your mouth and tongue blue for a few weeks of summer because you eat them all day long?

Well, no longer do you have to wait for those few weeks of prime blueberry season, only to mourn their passing. Now you can have that blueberry BURST of flavor in this almost sinful blueberry concentrate!

One tablespoon of this concentrate is equal to one cup of fresh blueberries in flavor, as well as in health benefits. Yes, yes, we blueberry lovers know that the antioxidants are SO good for our bodies, but we want the over the top blueberry taste that we can’t seem to get enough of. This is your everyday, every week, every month, all-year long way to finally satisfy your blueberry lust. This concentrate has your name on it and will allow you to indulge your every blueberry fantasy!

How about blueberry cookies? Use a teaspoon of the concentrate in a sugar cookie recipe! How about blue muffins with an ever so subtle flavor of blueberry? You guessed it, put it in your muffin recipes! Oh mercy….try it in your pancake and waffle recipes and add it to the syrup that you pour over them.

Drizzle it over ice cream, spoon it into lemonade, swirl it into whipped cream and dip your strawberries into it. Add it to your best chilled blueberry soup recipe and make your blueberry jam even richer and more decadent! Make a concoction of it and freeze it into popsicles. Heat it and warm yourself with mugs of blueberry goodness all winter long….the ideas are never-ending for blueberry lovers!

This 8-ounce bottle only contains the essence of blueberry: no additives, no sugar, no fooling around with mother nature’s perfect creation! If all you do is make juice from it, this bottle will make enough juice for 16 whole days of pure blueberry pleasure. Can you stand it? Finally, blueberries all year long…all day long! Oh! Do you think it’s over the top to pour some of this concentrate on a bowl full of blueberries? NAW!


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