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Tart Cherry Concentrate

Tart Cherry Concentrate
TPG Enterprises

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There is no sugar in this concentrate and yet it tastes like cherry pie. There are immense health benefits in this cherry concentrate, and yet it tastes like cherry pie! This concentrate is super high in antioxidants…and it tastes wonderfully and marvelously like cherry pie!

Oh my! How our Pure Zing team loves this Montmorency Cherry concentrate! Did we tell you it tastes like cherry pie? Don’t go near the sour, bitter or thin fruit concentrates in health food stores as there is nothing to compare with what’s in this bottle: no additives, no sugar and an ability to make pint after pint after pint of delicious and healthy cherry juice by just adding water.

Why is Montmorency cherry juice concentrate so incredible? There are Anthocyanins in it: the element that gives the cherries their incredible deep red color. Anthocyanins have been studied and the wonderful reports are that they make your stiff joints feel lots better!

Cherry juice has also been found to contain very high levels of Melatonin! As we get older, we have less and less of that wonderful sleep-inducing property in our systems, and so we often don’t fall asleep as easily…or sleep so soundly. Thank Mother Nature for making a lovely way to get more Melatonin (and sleep) into your system: the amaZing cherry!

And yes, we already told you that cherries have huge amounts of antioxidants that will roam around your body and give it support in Zapping the bad guys! So rather than drinking sodas, rather than consuming juices that contain fructose and additives, rather than lying awake at night and wondering about where to get the greatest tasting healthy juice concentrate…get this bottle!

What’s in this bottle? 100% Washington grown Montmorency Cherry juice concentrate. That’s it! How do you use it? Take 2 Tablespoons and stir this rich cherry syrup into a glass of 6-8-ounces of water. Drink it, sip it, enjoy it,and marvel at just how much it tastes like cherry pie!

The owners recommend drinking this juice for at least two weeks to feel the inherent health benefits. We agree, and warn you that it’s a tough, tough job on your taste buds to get healthy this way! Whether you have it for breakfast instead of orange juice, whether you sip it before bedtime as a healthy, scrumptious and sleep inducing nightcap, whether you splash it over the rocks, drizzle it full strength over ice cream, whirl it into yogurt or a power drink, or dip fruit into it…it still tastes like cherry pie!

If you don’t like cherry pie, please be sure and send us your bottle! Every member of our team thinks this cherry concentrate is Pure Zing!!

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