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Organic Hemp Protein Powder

Organic Hemp Protein Powder

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For those of you who want green and mild, not GREEN! and HEMP!, then this is the green hemp protein powder for you. Not everyone likes the taste of hemp, but this hemp powder is so mild, and so smooth and so understated, that you can get all the benefits of hemp protein, without all the HEMP taste !

The benefits of hemp are immense, and even though this hemp is understated in fragrance, texture and flavor, you can still get 50% protein, 25% fiber, 0% carbs and 9% beneficial fats plus vitamin E and iron. In other words, you get all the benefits of green without being GREEN!

One of our testers has a great recipe that she uses for hemp protein powders and she was thrilled when she discovered that the hemp powder did not overwhelm her other ingredients. She waxed poetic about how smooth this powder was (not gritty like some), and how mild and creamy her whole recipe turned out.

Evelyn’s Hemp Protein and Fruit Smoothie

8-ounces of milk (of your choice: hemp, cow, rice, almond)
¼ cup frozen blueberries
4 slices frozen peaches
4 Tablespoons Hemp Protein Powder
1 packet Stevia
Blend or use a hand held blender stick till the ingredients are smooth and pureed.
Drink immediately.

The 16-ounce container will last and last and give you a dozens of smoothies or blended drinks of your choice. If you can’t get all your greens every day, if you like smoothies in the morning or afternoon but want them to have more nutritional punch (without knocking you over!) then this hemp protein powder is a great choice.

Mild, non-clumping, blends easily and makes a smooth creamy beverage, this hemp protein powder is Pure Zing!

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