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Hemp Chocolate Bliss

Hemp Chocolate Bliss
Manitoba Harvest

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Have you ever tasted hemp before? We hadn’t. Several of us decided that the chocolate flavor needed to be tested first…and so we shook the 32-ounce container and poured some substantial dollops into glasses. The color is decidedly rich chocolate and the consistency is exactly like whole milk. This is not a thick or gritty concoction, but smooth and light and yet ‘I want another sip’ flavorful.

This is like chocolate and milk (although it is completely milk-free)…with just the tiniest taste of green to it. What does green taste like? Slightly nutty and fresh like you are standing in a field that has just been mowed while you are drinking a big glass of chocolate milk. Actually, you are tasting just a hint of the super healthy chlorophyll that is naturally contained in hemp….and the taste is not only refreshing, it complements the chocolate really well.

At first, since the taste is familiar but with that alluring ‘green’ suggestion, you taken another sip. Mmmmm. The second and third sip and you are getting hooked on it as it is a fresh-tasting chocolate milk flavor that you want more and more of. All of our testers really liked the taste, and glasses were held out to be refilled with seconds.

Yes, you’ll like the flavor and consistency, but you’ll absolutely LOVE how incredibly healthy this beverage is! This has an almost perfect 3:1 ratio of omega 3 to 6 which is super beneficial for Alzheimer’s and heart disease prevention, cholesterol-fighting properties plus anti-carcinogenic chlorophyll. Hemp Bliss is cold processed, organic, a complete source of protein and offers 17 different amino acids (including all of the essential ones).

Drink this icy cold on a hot day, or hot on a cold day. Pour this over cereal or add it to a smoothie that will not only be irresistible but incredibly healthy. Add it to coffee for a mocha blast, or dollop some on oatmeal or over your favorite granola topped with bananas or fresh berries. This is the beverage for those that want the taste of chocolate milk (without the milk) with rich flavor and super health benefits that beat out all other non-milk beverages.

The ingredients are filtered water, organic hemp seeds, organic evaporated cane juice, organic fair trade cocoa powder, sea salt and xanthum gum. There are absolutely, positively no preservatives, nuts, soy, gluten, cholesterol or lactose. Once you have opened it, you need to refrigerate it, and it will last 7-10 days…if you don’t drink it all in the first day! Seriously, our team keeps pouring more of this into their glasses and drinking it all up! Somehow, I think you would be well advised to get four or five of these containers to keep in your cupboard as you will find this refreshing chocolate milk-tasting beverage is Pure Zing!

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