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Kava King Reserve

King’s Reserve
Kava King


The lateral root that this Kava drink is made from, what was always reserved for the King and visiting dignitaries. Containing the most kavalactones, this beverage will give you more calming effects than regular Kava.

In case you are unfamiliar with Kava, it is extracted from a root and has been used for centuries as a calming social and ceremonial beverage throughout the South Pacific. Bitter on its own, Kava is best mixed with other ingredients and sweeteners.

This supplier only uses the finest Kava roots and has developed a patented process that creates an instant Kava, eliminating the usual steeping and filtering process associated with Kava preparation.

Kava looks like a light cocoa powder. Mixed with milk, coconut milk or ice cream, bananas or fruits and juices, sweetener etc. Kava’s bitter, earthy taste is minimized while the effects of well-being are still realized. After drinking, Kava will slightly numb your mouth and your lips. This effect only lasts five to ten minutes, but the main effect is a sense of calm and relaxation. Many people drink Kava before a meeting, or at the end of a hard day. The islanders used it for centuries before settling disputes and it was used in celebrations of births and marriages.

If you want a natural way to relax that has no side effects other than calm, King’s Reserve is the finest and strongest Kava available. Be sure and check out the PureZing recipe for Kava Zing! It’s a scrumptious way to relax naturally!

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