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Kava King

Kava King


Natural Relaxation from the Pacific Islands. Those are the words on the front of this 3.5-ounce can of powdered Kava. Without any flavorings or added ingredients, this is Kava in its most basic presentation.

Why do you want to drink Kava? Kave has been enjoyed by the South Pacific islanders for centuries and today’s drinkers of Kava enjoy it for the very same reason: it relaxes and calms you naturally! There are no preservatives, it’s all natural and it contains no narcotics or alcohol.

The root of the Kava plant is filled with kavalactones which are a natural relaxant. The only ‘side effect’ if you will, is the fact that right after drinking it, your lips and mouth may tingle and be slightly numb. This sensation passes in five to ten minutes, and you are left with the naturally relaxed sense of well-being that Kava is known for.

You may want to drink it before an important meeting or presentation. Kava was traditionally taken before settling disputes. You may want to have a cup when you get home, or when you want to relax on a weekend. This may replace that extra drink of alcohol or totally replace a pill that you take to calm down. We think a blender recipe with Kava in it tastes lots better than a pill: it’s a natural way to chill!

On its own, Kava tastes bitter, but this unflavored version of Kava is perfect for adding whatever ingredients you choose. You may want to add chunks of fruit, nuts and chocolate for a trail mix flavor that you whirl in a blender with ice and milk. You may want a relaxing ice cream milk shake made from your favorite flavor. All you have to do is add one teaspoon of the cocoa colored powder to one serving, and sit back and relax! Give it a try, it may be your new Pure way to chill!

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