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Natural Berry Kava

Natural Berry Kava
Kava King


This Kava has been developed for those of you who love juices and fruits and want to relax naturally. With a patented process, this supplier uses the best Kava roots and gives you an instant Kava powder that you may include in your juice recipes.

Known for its calming and relaxing qualities, Kava has been used for centuries by the South Pacific islanders. It is taken before settling disputes, given to visiting dignitaries and used to celebrate weddings and births. Today, many people use it as a natural relaxant during the day, to relieve stress and to calm nerves.

Kava is all-natural and does not contain any narcotics or alcohol. There are no preservatives and all the Kava is inspected for quality before processing. This Berry flavored Kava uses only natural berry flavors and is terrific mixed with fruits and juices.

As Kava has a bitter taste if taken on its own, it is best used with other ingredients. This pale cocoa appearance of this powder is great put in a blender with chunks of fruit, juices and ice. You can add a sweetener of your choice to taste.

After you drink it, your lips and mouth may tingle or be slightly numb. This is a natural occurrence with Kava and will disappear in five to ten minutes. The sensation of well-being and calm that Kava is well-known for will be felt. Better than a prescription pill, put this in a blender with ice and fruit and chill naturally!


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