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Glycemic Level MRP Instant Chocolate Shake

Glycemic Level MRP Instant Chocolate Shake
Glycemic Level


The Pure Zing team likes every single thing about this chocolate meal replacement! The taste is AMAZING. The price for the number of servings you get is GREAT! The consistency and the ease with which it mixes is OUTSTANDING and the nutritional chart in comparison with anything else we have seen is STUPENDOUS!

Let’s start with the taste. One of the team members came in late on the tasting…and literally popped up with what the rest of us had been thinking but not saying, ‘It tastes like chocolate milk!’ Yep, it really does! The flavor is rich, creamy, not too thick…and very chocolate: without any weird aftertaste. Some meal replacements have this odd flavor that is caused by chemicals and additives, but this one is the kind that you happily drink down, practically smacking your lips at the end of the glass! The color is just a tad lighter that chocolate milk, but if you close your eyes and take a drink, it’s just like chocolate milk! For those of you who don’t like chocolate, or who love vanilla also, this meal replacement is available in a smoooooooth-tasting, rich vanilla flavor too!

GL FactsThe consistency is just right too: smooth, without any powdery or gritty feel even though it is a super light powder that you mix with water. Now, don’t imagine clumps and lumps either! We don’t know how they do it, but we have never (not once!) encountered a single lump in the making of this drink…and all you do is shake it. That’s right, you don’t need a blender or a fork…all you do is shake it gently, and happily drink it down, enjoying every mouthful!

Alright, now that you know that it is choclatey, smooth and great tasting you will be just as impressed with its nutritional value.

This meal replacement promotes healthy glucose levels and is a perfect meal replacement for those wanting to lose weight, who have candida, or who even have diabetes. This is the meal replacement to reach for when you don’t have time to fix breakfast, or when you are hungry between meals. It shakes up in less than one minute, tastes like chocolate milk, has 72 trace minerals plus digestive enzymes and is made from all natural ingredients! There are 15 servings per container, so you can shake this up for over two weeks worth of breakfast, leave this at the office, take it on a trip or give this as an after school snack for quite some time!

If you skip breakfast because there is no time, you are on the road and there is no appealing restaurant in sight, or a heavy or high carb breakfast just doesn’t appeal to you, you need to try this meal replacement. If you have syndrome X, have diabetes, hypoglycemia or candida, you need to try this meal replacement. If you want to easily and healthfully lose weight, have fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome and need a super healthy and flavorful way to get nutrition easily…you need to try this meal replacement.

This great tasting, great for you meal replacement is made by the same people who make the fiber-rich, low glycemic all natural sweetener that Pure Zing just raves about. Well, in this meal replacement…they did it again! This is PURE ZING!


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