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Tropical Fruit Mustard

Tropical Fruit Mustard
Nature Isle Tropical Gourmet


Most of us think of mustard as a way to enliven a beef or ham sandwich. Yep, for mustard lovers, that sure is good! But think beyond the regular Dijon or grainy mustard and envision mustard that only the Caribbean could produce: mustard with bananas, sweet red peppers, fresh onions, spices, chipotle peppers, white wine, mustard seed, vinegar, turmeric, cayenne peppers, sea salt and xanthum gum.

Oh my, but this mustard is slightly sweet and exotically tropical tasting, and even with all the peppers mentioned it has just the slightest kick that would not turn even the faintest of heart away. It is less than 2 on a heat scale where 10 is the hottest so that it can be eaten with a spoon without searing the most tender of tongues.

Do you add mustard to vinaigrette? Try using this mustard in your salad dressing for a tropical salad of fruits, greens and grilled fish or chicken. Definitely use this on your hot dogs that are fresh off the grill, and enjoy this as a tropical glaze over ham. Of course, this would make any meat and cheese sandwich or hoagie Zing right up, and it would definitely surprise and please guests as a dip for grilled chicken pieces or mini meatballs.

The owner has a tropical Mustard Fillets recipe that sounds so easy and such a unique way to prepare fish. We would imagine this recipe would also taste great over sautéed boneless and skinless chicken breasts as well. Give this 9-ounce jar of Caribbean mustard a try and when you create your own special recipe with it, be sure and let the owner know so that he can post it on his site.

You know we love this mustard not only for its unique taste but also because it does not contain soy, peanuts, MSG, preservatives, tomatoes or gluten. It is Kosher certified and all natural. Wait till you taste this mustard in your salad dressing, on your favorite sandwich combination and as a grilled meat dip or slather! It’s Pure Zing!

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