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Sweet and Spicy Chipotle Glaze

Sweet and Spicy Chipotle Glaze
Candeleros Southwestern Grill


YOW! If you want kick and sweet, and heat and spice, and TONS of flavor, then you have got to try this great southwestern-style glaze! YOW! Flecks of chipotle chiles, tomatoes and spices are suspended in a great combination of brown sugar and vinegar that has been cooked down till its glazy-sweet and syrupy…all the better to coat chicken, beef or pork with!

Whether its vegetables tucked in between meat on kabobs on the grill, baked chicken wings, beef ribs or sautéed meatballs, this glaze can be poured over or brushed over at the last minute of cooking to flavor and compliment baking, broiling or grilling. We think this makes a great dip for chunks of steak or meatballs, or how about this glaze as a dip with sliced spicy sausages right off the grill? Of course we are major lovers of quesadillas and think that a layer of this melted in with cheese and grilled onions between two tortillas would by eye-rolling good too!

We love that the large 16-ounce jar allows us to use and use and use this glaze in a number of ways. No wimpy little jar that is over with the minute you open it…this jar will allow you to glaze, sauce and dip to your heart’s content. Oh, did we mention that we also have visions of it poured over cream cheese and then spread over warmed tortillas? You’ll have to forgive us, but our mouths are watering and we need to Zing our turkey and cheese wrap for lunch. Of course this will also complement the beef brisket tonight and every last drop of goodness will be mopped up by our rice.

Sigh. You can’t go wrong with this glaze that is also a dip and a sauce. Southwestern hasn’t tasted this good in a long time…and the great chefs at the Southwestern Grill do all the work for you so all you have to do is sit back and take all the credit. That’s our kind of cooking! That’s Pure Zing!

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