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Holy Mole Sauce

Holy Mole Sauce
Candeleros Southwestern Grill

If you love Mexican and want authentic flavor without the hours of cooking and without chemicals, MSG and filler, then grab your sombrero and click your spurs over this mouthwatering Mole sauce that you just won’t be able to get enough of!

The ingredients are slow cooked to meld and blend into a smooth sauce that makes chicken, beef or pork taste like the best south of the border food that you have ever eaten. Chiles (mulatos, pasillas, anchos), tomatillos, tomatoes, plantains, nuts, raisins, sesame seeds, garlic, onions, vegetable stock, Mexican chocolate and spices all contribute to a rich sauce that is smoky with just the right amount of heat and texture. Whatever you put this on or dip this in will have more depth and interest and will give you consistently terrific results.

The tall, 16-ounce jar is perfect for baking chicken, dipping steak chunks into, and as a great grill sauce. We baked chicken in it and it turned out moist and incredibly flavorful…complete with all of us soaking up every last morsel of sauce with rice and beans that have never, ever tasted so good before. To say that our team raved about this sauce would be putting it mildly. We absolutely and simply adore it and have all vowed to always have several jars of it on hand for guests as well as any last minute but totally amaZing dinner that we want without effort!

If you have never had Mole before, then you are in for one of life’s treats! This sauce has been famous in Mexico for centuries, is now used all around the world. It is available to you without the work, without the long cooking time and thankfully without chemicals or preservatives. If you LOVE mole, then you have got to try this one! The taste is rich, the fragrance deep and satisfying, and the texture divine with herbs, seeds and nuts. Holy Mole! This is an amaZing sauce that you will reach for over and over again ‘cause no matter what language you say it in, it’s Pure Zing!

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