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Organic & Natural Meat

Organic & Natural MeatOrganic and grass-fed poultry and beef not only is free of hormones, the meat is just so much MORE flavorful!

With all the hormones pumped into our poultry and cattle these days, it is all the more important to start making smart decisions for you and your family.

Treat yourself and your family to some of the products we are featuring -- we know you will appreciate the difference!

Latest Products
 Buffalo Tamales

Montana Tamales Buffalo Tamales
Slightly different, but oh so delicious: these tamales contain a combination of shredded buffalo and shredded beef with a blend of chili spices, wrapped in a stone ground corn flour tortilla. Read more...

Jalapeno Chicken Tamales Montana Tamales Jalapeno Chicken Tamales Stuffed with lots of shredded white and dark chicken (all edible, unlike some of those prepackaged foods), chopped jalapenos and onions. Read more...
Montana Beef Tamales Montana Tamales Beef Tamales
The heavenly filling contains shredded beef, chili rojo, chili molido, corn starch, garlic powder, salt and cumin. Read more...

Top Products

1. US Wellness Meats Free-Range Whole Chicken Coated in fresh chopped herbs and organic olive oil, this chicken is divine! Read more...

2. Blackwing Meats Skinless, Boneless Chicken Breast If the chicken is not exposed to anything toxic, than neither are you when you eat it! Read more...

3.Blackwing Meats Organic Chicken Patties Gently seasoned with sea salt, garlic, and onion, this organic chicken is clean, healthy and satisfying. Read more...

4.US Wellness Meats Beef Ribeye Steak Tender, juicy, flavorful grass-fed beef: every single morsel is totally satisfying. Read more...

5. US Wellness Meats Beef Tenderloin Filet Mignon Tender, juicy, flavorful grass-fed beef: every single morsel is totally satisfying. Read more...

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