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Antonia’s Turn, Grande Tin Candle by OWP, Objects with Purpose

Antonia’s Turn, Grande Tin Candle
by OWP, Objects with Purpose

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End result: The Nearly Perfect Candle.

WE all love candles and the intimacy, ambiance and light they create. The downside is not all candles are created equal. Have you ever walked into someone’s home and been assaulted by the nauseating sickly sweet scent of a burning candle? To the point where you can’t breathe? (It’s happened to me!) The question is why? Typically the ingredients in a candle are synthetic and toxic. The burning fragrance coupled with a wax of unknown origin may be doing more harm than the good intended.

Now imagine a NonGMO candle, made from organic coconut oil, palm oil and apricot oil, infused with the very finest organic essential oils and spices burning clean and releasing the truest version of any and every fragrance.

If you like the sounds of this, hello to OPW-Objects With Purpose, a collection of candles and room spray.

I discovered OWP and met its founder, Ianthe Mauro, at the Natural Product Expo West in Anaheim. Ianthe always had a passion for candles however discovered many of the candles she’d been lighting were toxic. Researching the safest cleanest candles to burn for her family, she discovered organic coconut butter wax and Objects With Purpose were born to deliver non-toxic sophisticated conscientious candles to everyone.

There are numerous scents to choose from such as Archetype Rising, Dahlia Rose & Lychee, Lawn Bowling and Francesca’s Chai. All waxes are hand poured into beautiful glass containers and decorator tins, single wick and triple wick. As for the size, OWP refers to burn time: Large-50 hours; Med-30 hours; Grande Tin-18 hours; Petite-12 hours; Travel Tin=8 hours.

What makes OPW candles different? The ingredients and the burn. To begin with, OWP’s candle wax is an organic coconut wax blend. Coconut wax is now considered one of the best wax’s for a candle to be. OWP’s candle wax is internationally recognized as fair trade, vegan, organic and kosher. Nothing in the candle comes from human or animal origin. Made with a natural coconut derived 100% organic, non GMO, bio-degradable, pesticide free, vegan, ecologically sound, 100% certified, completely sustainable, the wax burns at a low temperature making it a soothing body butter/massage oil when warm and a solid perfume when cool. It comes with matches and a wooden dipping stick to access the organic vegan coconut vegetable wax as body butter.

The candle we are reviewing is called Antonia Turn Grand Tin (18 hour burn), a special blend of Patchouli, Sandalwood and Tuberose, named after Ianthes mom Antonia Rojas, Flamenco dancer and choreographer. The wax is hand poured into a lovely gold circular tin with a single wick. The candle has an approximate 18 hour burn time and comes with matches and a wooden dipping stick to access the organic, vegan vegetable wax as the body butter.

As soon as the team at the Zing opened up the tin, we were immediately enveloped by the scent. The smell of the candles are out of this world: rich, sensual, alluring. OWP raises the bar on aromatherapy. (You can’t stop smelling the candle.) We then dipped our index finger into the tin to scoop out the wax and applied to our pulse point as a fragrance. Another gold star. (To this day, many of us use OWP as our perfume of choice.) Once the candle was lit, indeed it was a soft burn, with NO BLACK SMOKE with a non overwhelming fragrance filling the room.

As for me, I leave the candle open to fill the room with the fragrance. On top of that, I keep the candle in my purse and by my computer for an aromatherapy pick me up.

PROS: The ingredient deck. No Synthetics. No smoke when burning. Non GMO, organic, vegan, amazing fragrance.

CONS: If you like a heavy scent when a burning a candle, do not expect the same result with OWP. The released sent is very soft and subtle. (Which can also be a pro!)

A little pricey, individual candles ranging from $6 to $42, however, considering the upsides, well worth the price.

Where to buy:


Various Boutique Stores ranging from Alabama to Washington State (refer to website)

Buy NOW!


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